Watching the Royal families we get a glimpse of these charmed women and watch their magical lives unfold!

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Hi! I’m Annemarie. Thanks for stopping by The Royal Princesses.

At The Royal Princesses, we will be writing about all the Princesses around the world. We will be concentrating on the British Monarchy since No royal family from any other nation has induced the same level of scrutiny or celebration.

So why the fascination with princesses? Well since most of us were young we read about princesses living in towers and marrying their prince charmings and living the perfect life.  Watching the Royal families we get a glimpse of these charmed women and watch their magical lives unfold!

William and Kate’s romance has captivated the world attention.  A commoner who went to college and along the way feel in love with a prince had a fairy tale wedding and one day will be Queen.

There is hope for us all to find our Prince.

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Annemarie LeBlanc Owner/FounderAnnemarie is a former University Professeur who took up blogging as a hobby.  She now has 9 blogs and employees almost 100 people.  Annemarie has always had a passion for the Royals and after searching for many years she finally found her Prince Charming.

Joanne Mazewski – Joanna Mazewski has been following the world of entertainment and celebrities since 2005, having served as the Editor-in-Chief of Celebrity News Service and as a personal assistant for one of the original James Bond screenwriters, producer Kevin McClory. These days she’s a mother, globetrotter and Disney dreamer.

Tanya ClarkTanya is a freelance writer, therapist, and educator. She was a princess in another life and believes in fairy tales, happy endings, and living happily ever after.

So make sure to stop by and enjoy all the Princesses fashion, news, charity events, beauty & more.  We would love to have you!

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