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Americans Love Princess Diana Too Much To Forgive Queen Camilla, Expert Says


Americans Love Princess Diana Too Much To Forgive Queen Camilla, Expert Says

Princess Diana was very much loved when she was alive and she’s still very much loved over twenty-five years following her tragic passing.

The announcement that Camilla will be dropping the title of Queen Consort following her coronation has caused some controversy, with fans of the late Princess viewing it as an insult to her name and legacy.

However, to set the record straight, should Princess Diana be alive today, she still wouldn’t be Queen because she was divorced from Charles a year before the accident that claimed her life.

Royal Expert Says “Americans still hold grudge against Camilla for taking Diana’s place”

According to the Senior National Affairs Correspondent for ABC News, Deborah Roberts, Americans are yet to forgive Charles for breaking Diana’s heart. Before Diana’s death, the Princess had already won over the hearts of millions around the world with her charm, gentle grace, and her commitment to charitable efforts.

She was particularly loved by the American people, with rumors saying she was planning to move stateside before her death in August 1997. For this reason, most of the American public are yet to welcome Camilla into their hearts, and are even harsh in their criticisms of her.

Roberts, who has arrived in London ready to cover the Coronation, shared how those across the pond are feeling about the coronation, particularly about the two major players of the day: King Charles and Queen Camilla.

Speaking to Radio Times this week, she said: “Charles is a man who a lot of people associate with breaking Princess Diana’s heart, and Camilla is going to be referred to as Queen, not Queen Consort, so there’s that feeling that another woman is taking Diana’s place next to the king on the throne.”

She added that even though some Americans claim they don’t care about the monarchy, they are secretly obsessed and fascinated with everything to do with the British royals.

Americans View Charles With Curiosity

And while Americans view Charles with curiosity, they’re still not ready to let him, or Camilla, off the hook for breaking Diana’s heart.

“They feel this woman wasn’t treated well and that will probably endure for a while,” she said, adding that people were endeared to Diana when she carried babies suffering from Aids and danced with John Travolta at the White House.

She added: “Diana embodied that spirit of being carefree and promoting equality – she was as close to an American in the British royal family as somebody could imagine.”

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