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An Expert Says Prince Harry’s Body Language is “Hard To Watch”


An Expert Says Prince Harry’s Body Language is “Hard To Watch”

The Royals news and updates tease that Prince Harry’s body language is “hard to watch,” according to a royal expert.

The Duke of Sussex travelled to the UK along with his wife and kids when the late monarch died. He had plans to attend an award ceremony but was later on cancelled because of the family tragedy. Later on, he met with the winners of 2022 WellChild Awards through a video call.

The UK charity supports kids with special health needs to be cared for at the comfort of their home instead of staying at the hospital. Prince Harry has been a patron of the said organization since 2017.

Prince Harry can be seen getting emotional when a young girl named Shakeerah offered her condolences. He was also moved when Evelyn Rodger, a Diana Children’s Nurse with Children’s Hospices Across Scotland revealed that his mother’s fund provided the money needed for her to continue fulfilling his role.

Royal Expert Explains Prince Harry’s Body Language

Prince Harry apologized for failing to attend the award ceremony but overall, their video conversation was a success.

A royal expert who watched the footage said that Prince Harry’s body language was “hard to watch.” Judi James said that “[Harry] is often self-effacing, offering a sweet, double-handed wave of greeting.”

She also said that Prince Harry made a self-comfort ritual when he made the “partial self hug” during the video call.

“It’s hard to watch Harry here and not regret the fact that he is no longer a member of the royal Firm. He engages so well and shows empathy with the people he is talking to, as well as exposing his own emotions in a very natural way,” she said.

“He is especially good with the children, who he mirrors and mimics to create some very natural bonds with, and who he talks to directly and easily, rather than talking over them at their parents,” she continued.

An Expert Says Prince Harry’s Body Language is “Hard To Watch”

Prince Harry Shares Update On Kids During WellChild’s Call

During his WellChild call, Prince Harry also shared an update about his son and daughter.

“Archie is very, very busy. And Lili is learning to use her voice, which is great,” Harry said of his two kids. He said this during a conversation with 4-year-old Henry Waines and his parents, Shevonne and Ben.

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