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Are Prince William and Kate Middleton Following in Harry and Meghan’s Footsteps?


Are Prince William and Kate Middleton Following in Harry and Meghan's Footsteps?

It’s evident that the Prince and Princess of Wales, both 40, are rebranding to be more relatable to people and to go with the current flow of the media landscape. Their behind-the-scenes video of the coronation drew much interest as to the direction the Waleses want to follow when it comes to public relations.

Could they have been inspired by the Sussexes, who are considered social-savvy even though they no longer own any official social media handles?

Brand and Culture Expert Say Prince William and Princess Catherine Are “Rebranding” the Royal Family in the Modern Generation

It was a surprise when the Prince and Princess of Wales launched their very own YouTube account, and more of a surprise still when they shared videos of their family having fun like any other family in the world (what? No, I wasn’t thinking that they’d be having their own version of royal fun).

Speaking to MailOnline, brand and culture expert Nick Ede said that William and Kate are consciously doing away with the mystic that is associated with the royal family by presenting a more relatable image.

Are Prince William and Kate Middleton Following in Harry and Meghan's Footsteps?

He said: “When Meghan and Harry were part of the Sussex royal brand they cleverly used social media to communicate, and I think that the Prince and Princess saw this trend as something they should adopt. However this is not a new phenomena for public figures, stats from Madonna, the Kardashians and all in between use it to communicate, so it was only a matter of time for when the Prince and Princess would adopt this clever strategy.”

He commended them on the new strategy, saying, “I think they are doing the right thing creating these short films. They are interesting but also well made, visually engaging, and tell a story from a different angle. We are so used to short-form media with TikTok and Instagram that this is a great way of brand building.”

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