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Author Says Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Are Preparing To Fight Back


Author Says Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Are Preparing To Fight BackThe Royals news and updates tease that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are reportedly developing a plan to fight back after a recent blistering autobiography caused some damage to their reputation. The news comes after Tom Bower released his book with the title Revenge: Meghan, Harry and the war between the Windsors.

Bower, a veteran investigative journalist, wrote the book based on the information he gathered from Meghan’s friends and enemies. He claimed that the former Suits star even tried to stop some of the people she knows from speaking to him.

The Royals have not commented on the book since its release but another royal author thinks that the royal couple is preparing a response for it soon.

Revelations About Meghan

Bower’s biography featured a lot of revelations about Meghan Markle. He talked about a lot of things in his book including the bridesmaid fitting before her wedding. The royal author claimed that Meghan made Kate Middleton cry and not the other way around.

Bowers added that Meghan refused the request of the Queen and Prince Charles that she meet and reconcile with her father so he would stop speaking to the press. Additionally, Queen Elizabeth reportedly told her aides that she was relieved to learn that Meghan wasn’t coming with Prince Harry for Prince Philip’s funeral.

Harry’s friends weren’t pleased when he brought Meghan to the wedding of Tom Inskip. They were reportedly “quickly disappointed” because of her comments about the food and her “princessy” behavior.

Meghan and Harry’s Response

Bower said that he performed extensive research before he put out the book. According to another author, even if the Duke and Duchess of Sussex can’t sue, the royal couple may still be able to get their side out to the public through Omid Scobie,

Author Says Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Are Preparing To Fight Back

The co-author of Royal Fever, Professor Pauline MacLaran, told Express, “There is no doubt that Bower’s book is currently causing damage to the Harry and Meghan brand … [they] will be looking for an outlet to put forward their side (again!).”

“And Scobie’s book could be it. I think Omid Scobie’s new sequel announcement sounds like saber-rattling and the promise of more ‘he said, she said’ to come,” he added.

The royal couple will try to find a way to defend themselves. Nobody knows if they would directly authorize the work of Omid but it’s possible that they offer him their full support.

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  1. Shanlee says

    Who cares who made who cry? Who cares that all these infradigs people don’t like her? This gossip being reported is both useless and immature. Live and let live. There’s much more travesty in the world to be worried about than this nonsense that merely satisfies the drooling gossip mongers who obviously don’t have a life.

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