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Body Language Expert Examines Prince William and Kate’s Recent PDA Moment


Body Language Expert Examines Prince William and Kate's Recent PDA MomentThe Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, both 39, were captured on camera sharing a rare PDA moment at an official function. One of those snaps featured Kate holding her husband, while he leans in to chat with her.

The world has always known that they are a cute couple, but they’ve always been reserved when displaying their affections for each other during public outings, so it’s a shock to royal fans to see the pair lovingly smiling at each other and whispering little secrets in each other’s ears.

After a Decade of Marriage, Expert Affirms the Couple are Still Very Much in Love with Each Other

Prince William and his beautiful Duchess Catherine of Cambridge celebrated their tenth wedding anniversary earlier this year. Ten years and three beautiful children later and the royal couple are nowhere near falling out of love with each other.

Instead, they’re going from strength to strength.

During Earthshot Prize’s inaugural award gala, Prince William and Kate Middleton shared some very rare sweet moments backstage that got royal fans all over the world thrilled out of their minds.

Body language expert Judi James spoke to Fabulous about the couple’s display of affection in the black-and-white snaps, affirming that the couple has a “perfect power balance”.

Body Language Expert Examines Prince William and Kate's Recent PDA Moment



Judi said: “This very gentle and affectionate PDA is an unusual gesture from the couple as it is something of a role-reversal, with Kate placing her arm around her husband’s waist rather than the other way round.

“This says a lot about the power balance between the two, with Kate’s caring, protective and “supportive gesture showing high levels of confidence and a very even sense of status.

“They are the first top tier royal couple to use emphatic displays of even status like this, with their natural mirroring and with PDAs performed by both of them.

“Her gesture here is clearly endorsed and enjoyed by William, whose rounded cheek shape signals an authentic smile as they perform some intimate and affectionate-looking eye contact.”

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