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Canadian Makes History As First Female Infantry Officer to Captain Queen Elizabeth’s Guard


Canadian Makes History As First Female Infantry Officer to Captain Queen Elizabeth’s Guard

History has once again been made in London this week. That’s because a female infantry officer from Canada is now the Captain of the Queen’s Guard at Buckingham Palace.

According to reports, Megan Couto, 24, led her unit as it took part in the Changing of the Guard Ceremony in London. The unit was invited to Britain to mark Canada’s 150th anniversary.

The role of Mounting The Queen’s Guard is usually given to a male infantry officer. Luckily, women are now being phased into more roles by the army. Megan led her unit — the Second Battalion, Princess Patricia’s Canadian Light Infantry or “The Patricia’s” — in the ceremony, which was also witnessed by hundreds of tourists nearby.

“I’m just focusing on doing my job as best I can and staying humble,” Cuoto told local reports, according to Canada’s The Star paper. “Any of my peers would be absolutely delighted to be captain of the Queen’s Guard and I’m equally honored.”

Canadian Makes History As First Female Infantry Officer to Captain Queen Elizabeth’s Guard

So far Buckingham Palace hasn’t made any comments about Megan’s new role, although there’s a good chance that there will be more females taking on more prominent roles in the future. Congratulations to Megan Couto on this incredible honor. Let us know what you think by dropping us a line with your thoughts in our comments section below. Also, don’t forget to check back with The Royal Princesses for all the latest news and updates on Queen Elizabeth and all of your favorite royals right here!

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Photo by John Stillwell – WPA Pool / Getty Images

  1. ccassara says

    That is amazing news! Glad to see women moving up and making progress in life. It’s really empowering and I hope Megan serves as an inspiration to many more.

  2. Jhentea Guzman says

    I was amazed to know about this! I live in Asia so I am not aware about this history and it is very interesting.

  3. Neha Saini says

    More power to woman. It’s really fascinating to see that there’s hardly any field in which today’s women have not only indulged themselves but also have proven to be better than the others. Way to go Megan. I’m glad you could make it that far.

  4. RebelSweetHrt says

    Wow, this is such great news! Congratulations to Megan! 🙂

  5. Tiara Wilson says

    Oh wow. This is incredible news! I am loving the more power the women community is getting. We are strong, beautiful and powerful and we can do anything a man can do! <3

  6. Scott says

    I guess I didn’t realize there hadn’t been a woman in that position already. It’s about time!

  7. ElizOF says

    Congratulations to Megan! It is long overdue and I’m pleased she is getting the attention so others can follow that path if they choose.

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