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‘Determined’ Kate Middleton re-brands image, hires Jamie Oliver’s PR rep for the Shaping Us campaign


'Determined' Kate Middleton re-brands image, hires Jamie Oliver's PR rep for the Shaping Us campaign

The Royal Family news and updates say that the Princess of Wales is trying to rebrand her image by hiring a new PR rep.

Reports say that Princess Kate was commended on her Shaping Us campaign when she signed Jamie Oliver’s previous PR representative as her personal secretary.

Princess Kate has been involved in some initiatives by the British royal family, but Shaping Us is her first major one after being crowned as Princess of Wales. The initiative focuses on raising awareness of the significance of early childhood development.

The initiative fits the princess as she is a mother of three (Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis) and can personally relate to how important it is to focus on a child’s early development as it hones their overall development, especially when they reach adulthood.
A report also said the princess is determined to set herself out of a role. Kate Middleton is at her age that she has come into her own.

According to a correspondent in the program The Royal Report, there is no point in having a royalty or monarchy if they have nothing to do but just exist. They need to show up for something and to be involved in things that matter. And that’s what Kate is doing now.

Kate being criticized

Kate was previously condemned, just shortly after marrying into the royal family, for not keeping a job and not being busy with other stuff. She previously maintained a relaxed lifestyle after marrying Prince William, and she received a backlash for it.

Going back to the program The Royal Report, hosts were able to talk to some royal commentators to talk about the latest move of the princess to rebrand.

As mentioned earlier, she hired Alice Corfield as her private secretary. Corfield has worked as public relations expert in the past.

'Determined' Kate Middleton re-brands image, hires Jamie Oliver's PR rep for the Shaping Us campaign

A commentator said that Kate is now being strategic when it comes to people she’s being surrounded with, especially with Corfield’s background.

They also pointed out that Kate’s choice of causes to focus on is far from what the late Princess Diana had worked on, which could prevent the comparison between the two.

As we may remember, Princess Diana dealt with a lot of causes worldwide, such as AIDS, homelessness, leprosy, and more. But she didn’t get the same treatment and was continually criticized, not just by the media but by the palace as well. It is contradictory to the criticism that Kate received for not really actively doing anything.

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