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Duchess Meghan to Be Sued For Defamation


Duchess Meghan to Be Sued For DefamationMeghan Markle’s half-sister Samantha is threatening to sue the 40-year-old Duchess over her involvement with the supposedly “unauthorized biography Finding Freedom”. The Mail on Sunday broke the news that Harry and Meghan’s former secretary Jason Knauf testified in court, sharing evidence that threatens Meghan’s credibility. The Sussex couple previously denied multiple times of having any involvement with the biography.

Following the news, Meghan was forced to apologize to the court for forgetting to include the crucial evidence during her court filing.

Samantha Markle Accuses Meghan of Spinning the Truth

Following Jason Knauf’s court statement that Meghan heavily briefed him in preparation for the writing of the sympathetic biography “Finding Freedom”, Samantha Markle has decided to speak out, calling out the Duchess’ “truth” about her personal life.

Jason Knauf also set out how the couple told him to tell the writers, Scobie and Durand, how Samantha “had lost custody of all three of her three children from different fathers.”

During a chat with The Telegraph, she said that the revelation was “hurtful”.

“To see Jason Knauf’s evidence was shocking. I never lost custody of my kids… no court record on the planet would confirm that.

“To take personal matters and then spin them in an ugly way to discredit me is pretty tacky.

“Everyone, even Trevor (Engelson, Meghan’s first husband), who has been good to her – she has a disgusting way of disposing, stepping on and then silencing.

“The public will form an appropriate opinion of her based on her own actions. People do not like to be lied to and manipulated.

“She’s going to have to live with that. She’s so grandiose, she self-sabotaged.”

Duchess Meghan to Be Sued For Defamation

But more than feeling angry about Meghan’s claims, the 57-year-old is vowing to sue her half-sister in two different countries.

According to her interview with the Sunday People, Samantha is promising to sue Meghan for “defamation, libel and slander”, as well as a “breach of privacy.”

“I’m speaking to one lawyer in England and one in the US as there are different statutory windows and different issues,” she shared.

“I’m looking at suing for defamation in the US. In the UK, I’m looking at a breach of privacy and data privacy act breach because the statutory window for defamation is only one year in the UK.

“Jason Knauf is subpoenable and the messages to [him] are evidence she was libelling and slandering me. Anything to keep this family quiet was my sister’s motto. It’s horrible.”

Harry and Meghan are yet to directly address the latest revelation.

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