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Find Out Queen Elizabeth’s Favorite Christmas Movie


Find Out Queen Elizabeth’s Favorite Christmas MovieI recently found out that I’ve got another thing in common with Queen Elizabeth the II: we both have a favorite Christmas movie. It’s not the same movie, but we both share the bond of actually picking a favorite movie out of the dozens of great movies we’ve watched. Who could have guessed we’d have that in common?

Legendary Actor Brian Blessed Claims the Queen Watches “Flash Gordon” Every Christmas

According to actor Brian Blessed, Her Majesty is very much in love with the 1980s sci-fi movie, “Flash Gordon”, in which he starred in.

Chatting with Yahoo Movies, the actor said that the Monarch re-watches the sci-fi film every year at Christmas.

He said: “[Flash Gordon] is her favourite film, she watches it with her grandchildren every Christmas.”

In the film, Flash and Dale are skyjacked aboard Dr. Zarkov’s rocket ship. The trio are drawn into the influence of the planet Mongo, controlled by Ming, who has been testing the Earth with unnatural disasters. Quarterback Flash will have to unite the planet Mongo and save Earth from destruction.

Mimicking the Queen, the actor joked, “You know, we watch Flash Gordon all the time, me and the grandchildren.

“And if you don’t mind, I’ve got the grandchildren here, would you mind saying ‘Gordon’s alive’?”

Find Out Queen Elizabeth’s Favorite Christmas Movie

Senior Royals Cancel Plans in Order to Spend Time with Queen Elizabeth after She Cancels pre-Christmas Lunch

The Queen decided to pull the plug on her annual Christmas lunch for her wider family when Chris Witty urged Brits to “prioritise social interactions that really matter to them” or risk catching the virus.

Kate and Wills, Prince Charles and Camilla, Princess Anne, Prince Edward and wife Sophie, have decided to limit their contact with people in order to be able to spend Christmas with the Queen.

According to the Mirror, they will be reducing all but essential contacts ahead of the big day. Dickie Arbiter, Queen Elizabeth’s former press secretary, said that “the Queen leads by example and expects the rest of the family to follow suit. In this infectious time, it is better to be safe than sorry.”

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