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Find Out Why the Queen Can Never Reveal Prince Philip’s Will


 Find Out Why the Queen Can Never Reveal Prince Philip’s WillIn order to protect the position of the Sovereign, the Duke of Edinburgh’s will must not be made public for at least 90 years.

It is said that the decision to keep the will private was made to protect the Queen’s “dignity and standing”. So, here’s to waiting 90 years to know how the Queen’s husband of 73 years wants his possessions and titles to be disposed of.

For now, all we can know is why the will is being safely guarded in the first place.

Judge Sir Andrew McFarlane Opens Up About “Special Practice” Relating to “Royal Wills”

Judge Sir Andrew recently made it clear that Prince Philip’s will must be kept a secret to protect Her Majesty.

In an interview with the BBC, Sir Andrew said: “I have held that, because of the constitutional position of the Sovereign, it is appropriate to have a special practice in relation to royal wills.

“There is a need to enhance the protection afforded to truly private aspects of the lives of this limited group of individuals in order to maintain the dignity of the Sovereign and close members of her family.”

Sir Andrew admitted that he has not seen the contents of the will, other than the date of its execution and the identity of its appointed executor.

It was Andrew’s decision to hold the hearing in private in order to limit the amount of public curiosity surrounding the contents of the will, which will “defeat the purpose of the application”.

Prince Philip’s will is not the first royal will, and it’s unlikely it will be the last, to be sealed by the court.

 Find Out Why the Queen Can Never Reveal Prince Philip’s Will

Queen Agrees to Plans to Hold a Thanksgiving Celebrating Her Late Husband’s Life

The Queen has agreed to plans to make a service of thanksgiving to honor her husband, who passed away in April this year. The event will reportedly be taking place next year.

Plans are underway for the ceremony to take place in the spring at Westminster Abbey.

The congregation at the event will include family, friends and dignitaries with further details to be revealed soon.

Other people that will be attending are representatives from the charities and organizations Prince Philip supported and associated with during his life.

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  1. Sherry says

    I also hope it is because it is NONE of our business what he left to whom…..we all have somethings in life that are private and this is one of them…….

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