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Hippie Hogwarts Alum Princess Elisabeth Turns 20


Hippie Hogwarts Alum Princess Elisabeth Turns 20Belgian royal family news shows that the Belgian royal family’s Princess Elisabeth has turned 20 and there is a new portrait to mark the momentous occasion. Elisabeth is heir to the Belgian throne as she is the eldest daughter of King Philippe and Queen Mathilde. Right now she is in college, studying history and politics at Oxford University.

According to Belgian newspaper Le Soir, she turned in a written entrance exam in history anonymously so that she would not receive bias based on her royal status.

Prior to this she graduated from UWC Atlantic College in South Wales. The college is located inside a 12th-century castle and has been affectionately nicknamed ‘Hippie Hogwarts.’

Royal Family News: There is a Hippie Hogwarts

Beautiful and talented Elisabeth is shown in the portrait dressed in a conservative blazer, blue sweater and white shirt. She has on hoop earrings and her hair is kept down in its naturally curly state. The photo was shared on the royal family’s Instagram and captioned, “Princess Elisabeth turns 20 today. Thank you for your birthday wishes.”

Royal Family News: Princess Elisabeth is at Oxford

Several photos were taken to mark her start at Oxford and this is one of them. The pics were shared earlier this month, having been taken in September. The shots were done at Oxford by Bas Bogaerts.

It was announced in September that the princess would be studying at the university’s Lincoln College. Her family stated on Instagram that Elisabeth will, “regularly return to Belgium and remain involved in Belgian public life,” while at Oxford.

That post was put to a pic of Elisabeth shown to be dressed very casually in jeans, a white shirt and jacket.

The princess was enrolled at Hippie Hogwarts for 18 months before she returned home to Brussels in March prior to the government lockdown. She spent lockdown with her family including her parents and siblings Prince Gabriel, 17, Prince Emmanuel, 15, and Princess Eléonore, 13.

Hippie Hogwarts Alum Princess Elisabeth Turns 20

Royal Family News: Elisabeth Will Rule Belgium

Additionally the brainy princess was at the Royal Military Academy in September 2020 where she completed a one-year course in social and military sciences.

There she is reported to have learned about the four parts of Belgian defense: Army, Air Force, Navy and Medical. Her father, King Philippe, studied at the institution from 1978 to 1981.

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