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Is Kate Middleton a Princess?


Is Kate Middleton a Princess?Kate Middleton, born Catherine Elizabeth Middleton on 9 January 1982, is one of the most famous and recognizable faces in the entire world. But not many people know her right titles or the proper way to address the Duchess if they happen to meet her.

I mean, you’re on a stroll in England, Nigeria, New Zealand, Australia, or wherever, and you see Kate Middleton across the street from you. Let’s say you can get over the shock of actually seeing THE Kate Middleton, what do you call her?

Princess? Duchess? Your Royal Highness?

During the royals’ recent outing at the James Bond premiere in London, Kate Middleton was reportedly addressed by an enthusiastic fan as “Princess Katie”. It caused quite a stir in Kate’s fandom world when it became public. “Princess Katie?” How rude!

Kate Middleton is a very nice and easygoing person by many accounts, and she’s got a smile that can immediately make you feel loved and understood, so, how do you address her?

Kate Middleton’s Official Titles

Reportedly, the 39-year-old Duchess is not so keen on being called Kate and would infinitely prefer being addressed by her first name in full: Catherine. You don’t have to wonder why, with a beautiful name like hers who needs it shortened?

Apart from the way she likes to style her name, Kate Middleton (oops!), Catherine Middleton became Her Royal Highness The Duchess of Cambridge when she married Prince William in 2011. The ceremony is one of the most-watched weddings in history and we sweetly saw the crowd request the newlyweds to kiss again. A request the newlyweds in question were more than happy to oblige.

Is Kate Middleton a Princess?


By marriage, Catherine is a princess of the United Kingdom, even though she does not officially use the title. She is likely to become the Queen Consort as her husband Prince William is currently second in line to the throne.

Though universally known as the Duchess of Cambridge, she is known as the Countess of Strathearn in Scotland and Lady Carrickfergus in Northern Ireland.

The Soon to be Title… And It’s Huge!

However, Catherine’s official titles will be changing in the coming years. When Prince Charles ascends the throne as King, Catherine Middleton will take the title of her late mother-in-law Princess Diana by becoming the Princess of Wales.

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  1. john says

    William and Kate are such a refreshing couple. They compliment each other, and there kids are awesome. I really enjoy hearing all about them.
    l cringe anymore when Magpie and Harry are in the news. She is so fake.

  2. Sherry says

    Catherine does it right for her family and the Firm. Some need to learn how to be honest and gracious and serve with dignity.

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