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Kate And William Are Expected To Accommodate Harry On Coronation Day


Kate and William are expected to accommodate Harry on Coronation Day

The Royal Family news and updates say that the Prince and Princess of Wales would extend the hand of friendship to Prince Harry if he attends the Coronation Day, as the King would be busy on that day.

It was recently reported that King Charles wants Harry to attend his coronation in May, which will be held in Westminster Abbey in London. This was reported even after Harry had already published his memoir, Spare, which revealed a lot of details of his personal life, including his relationship with his father and brother.

It is not yet confirmed whether or not Prince Harry will attend. And if his wife, Meghan Markle, will be joining him.

According to reports, the invitations for the coronation will be given out soon. So, we could expect some news about who to anticipate on May 6th. Prince Harry and Meghan will also receive an invitation.

The royal families’ relationship

Apart from the recent memoir of Harry, their relationship with the Royal family has been tarnished when they decided to move to the United States.

Harry and Meghan also released their docu-series on Netflix titled Harry & Meghan, which revealed their struggles with the British media since the very start of their relationship.

In the series, it was revealed that Harry and Meghan were being harassed by the paparazzi. And the local tabloids are making up stories about them, especially Meghan. At one point, it was revealed that Meghan’s father was being paid by the paparazzi to pose for pictures and sell them the narrative that Meghan was not talking to her.

Kate and William are expected to accommodate Harry on Coronation Day

The couple has been struggling with the media and with their relationship with the Royal Family at the same time. And not to mention, they are starting a family as well. So, they decided to discreetly move to the United States, away from the media, and live peacefully, at least temporarily.

If Harry would attend, Meghan would probably stay in California as the coronation day falls on the same day as Prince Archie’s 4th birthday. It is reported that it would be Kate and William who will arrange for Harry’s accommodation and security in London if he decides to attend the coronation. King Charles would be busy, of course, as it is his coronation day, and he wouldn’t be able to attend to the needs of Harry.

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