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Kate Middleton BREAKS Royal Fashion Rules Setting Sail With Team Great Britain!


Kate Middleton BREAKS Royal Fashion Rules Setting Sail With Team Great Britain!Royal family fans know that Kate Middleton carefully follows all the royal fashion rules. For instance, the Duchess of Cambridge typically wears modestly long skirts and buttoned-up blouses. But to set sail, Kate just stunned royal fashion watchers by breaking all the rules!

Find out what the Duchess of Cambridge chose to sport for her sailing day with Team Great Britain. And learn details about her adventure. Get the latest Kate Middleton news below!

Kate Middleton STUNS In Shorts

Royal family fashion watchers just got shocked as Kate Middleton stepped out in (oh the horror!) shorts. But the Duchess of Cambridge’s fans cheered to see Kate progress from shorts to a sleek wet suit. And Twitter lit up with appreciation for her effortless style. 

For instance, one fan gushed, “The way she effortlessly rocks a wet suit.” And another tweeted, “But that ponytail completes it.” And as another Princess Kate follower pointed out, “Kate makes EVERYTHING look chic!” 

So how did Middleton end up in shorts and then a wet suit? The Duchess of Cambridge set sail as part of Team Great Britain, explained People. And Kate began her day as a sailing diva by traveling to Plymouth in Devon for the Great Britain Sail Grand Prix. 

Kate Middleton WOWS In Wet Suit!

After initially donning a navy blue sweater, white linen shorts, and white sneakers, Middleton slipped into an official Great Britain wet suit. And the 40-year-old participated proudly in the Team Great Britain race against New Zealand. But Kate also took time to greet Sir Ben Ainslie. Famed for winning his fourth gold medal at the London 2012 Olympics, Ainslie and Middleton hoped to show their sailing skills for Great Britain.

However, the Duchess of Cambridge also made a point of getting together with a group of young people. And the children even got to make sea-grass mats in an effort to help the climate. The lecture and craft-making focused on promoting sustainability.

But after that, Middleton set sail with Team Great Britain. And though they didn’t participate, Kate’s children enjoy water sports just like their royal mother. Prince George, 9; Princess Charlotte, 7, and Prince Louis, 4, all belong to “a family of sailors,” shared an insider. “Kate has always been a competent sailor.”

However, Prince William also possesses some impressive sailing skills, according to the source. And the royal parents enjoyed time on the coast during the summer. George, Charlotte, and Louis learned how to sail and even steer a boat. The two older children have become solid swimmers, noted the insider. And neither George nor Charlotte hesitates to jump into the sea upon occasion!

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