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Kate Middleton Deemed as “Regal” as the Queen by Body Language Expert


Kate Middleton Deemed as “Regal” as the Queen by Body Language ExpertKate Middleton may not be of royal blood, but she’s earned the title of the most famous and beloved member of the royal family. Not only is she considered the most stylish royal – her fashion choices are not to be ignored – but she’s confidently become the face of the monarchy.

A body language expert analyzed Kate’s behavior in public and made a few mind-blowing observations.

Body Language Expert Explains Kate Middleton and Camilla Parker Bowles’ Different Public Personas

Talking about the way the Queen presents herself in public, body language expert, Judi James, said: “The Queen’s body language is as unique as her role and her status.

“She uses space to help create her royal aura and her deliberate trait of dressing in bold, block colours to stand out would add to this idea of specialness.”

Analyzing Camilla’s public image, she said that the Duchess signals a need to get away from the spotlight, especially during the early days, because of the scandal involving her entrance into the royal family.

“With a perilous route into the Royal Family at the highest level, Camilla’s body language signals have always been in almost direct contrast to the Queen’s and would be defined as ‘actively self-effacing and low-key’.

“Camilla’s body language signals tend to hint at a subliminal desire to hide and to keep away from the spotlight.”

She explained that Kate, like the Queen, wants to have a strong public presence, whereas Camilla would likely go for some kind of obscurity to limit her exposure to the cameras.

“Whereas the Queen and Kate will tend to keep their hands held low to their torsos to allow themselves to be as visible and possible, Camilla will often create barriers to ‘hide’ behind, like her use here of the small bouquet of flowers that she holds chest and nearly face high as she chats to her hosts.”

Expert Claims Camilla’s Body Language Begs for “Sympathy”

Judi James continued by explaining that while Camilla’s smile wouldn’t be described as regal, it certainly has all the warmness and kindness that comes with a well-meaning smile.

“Her smile might be non-regal but it projects high signals of warmth, with crinkling around the eyes and a pulling of the lips to suggest a desire for empathy and even sympathy.

Kate Middleton Deemed as “Regal” as the Queen by Body Language Expert

“Camilla might not stand out at a royal gathering but she seems to use her body language to make her mark on more of a one-to-one basis, where she can look friendly and approachable.”

Kate Middleton’s Style is “Modern” and Ever-changing

Body language expert Judi James noted that Kate is likely to mirror the common folk in order to relate and talk to them on their level.

“Kate’s body language signals manage to blend a very elegant air of regality, specialness and status with a more respectful approach that at times entails some deliberate mirroring and even status-lowering to help bond with the public.”

As for the Duchess of Cambridge’s fashion choices, Ms. James called it “regal” and “natural”.

“While The Queen and Camilla appear to adhere to their own personal style, Kate is much more flexible and modern, moving between ‘regal’ and ‘down-to-earth/natural’ depending on what is needed at any time.”

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