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Kate Middleton Faces Royal Challenge In Getting Prince William’s Perfect Christmas Gift!


Kate Middleton Faces Royal Challenge In Getting Prince William’s Perfect Christmas Gift!Kate Middleton understandably wants to get her husband Prince William the ideal Christmas gift. Beloved as a royal couple, the Duchess of Cambridge and Duke of Cambridge have become known for their love for each other, their children, and their country. But this year, Kate faces an unexpected challenge in securing William’s dream present. 

Find out what Prince William revealed he really wants for Christmas. And discover what else the Duchess of Cambridge might give her husband as a surprising gift this year below. 

Can Kate Middleton REALLY Get William’s Perfect Present?

What does a Duchess get a Duke for Christmas? Kate Middleton faces this question about Prince William each year, along with hunting down gifts for the rest of her royal relatives. Add in turning the holidays into a magical time for the couple’s three kids, and the days leading up to Christmas can result in this royal mom collapsing on the couch by Christmas Eve!

This year, though, Kate got some help in hunting down her husband’s gift. Radio Marsden interviewed Prince William about the holidays, per My London. At first, the Duke of Cambridge only stated that he has felt too busy to think about Christmas gifts. But then, after sharing his holiday focus on his children Prince Louis, Prince George, and Princess Charlotte, William finally relented to direct questioning. Asked what he really wants for a Christmas present, the Duke of Cambridge revealed an unexpected answer.

“[I]f I had to choose right now, then I would say I want my favorite team, which is Aston Villa, to win their football match on Boxing Day,” confessed Kate’s husband. Uh oh. Even a Duchess who teams up with the rest of the royal family might face challenges in taking control of a football match! But a second possibility does exist. 

Kate Middleton Faces Royal Challenge In Getting Prince William’s Perfect Christmas Gift!

Kate Could Turn Nightmare Into William’s Dream Come True For Xmas 

The Duchess of Cambridge may not manage to secure her husband a football match win for his Christmas gift. But Kate might consider relenting her royal rules to provide William with a special holiday treat. The Duke of Cambridge loves to eat a certain food on their royal couch. But that food represents a cleaning nightmare for the Duchess!

The couple’s inside joke got revealed during a tour of recreational facilities, reports My London. When William teased staffers to keep their pizza off the ivory-hued furniture, Kate joked with her husband. “You’re a nightmare” with eating pizza on light-colored couches, she scolded him. The Duke of Cambridge reportedly also loves to snack on chocolate, which could turn into another cleaning nightmare for his wife. 

Since Kate can’t give William a guaranteed football match win, perhaps she’ll relent for the holidays and allow him to snack on pizza AND chocolate on their white couch. What do you think? Share your thoughts on what Kate should give her royal husband for Christmas. And then check back on our site for all the royal family news. 

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