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Kate Middleton, Fed-Up Prince William Creates Shocking Plan To Challenge Prince Harry and Meghan?!


Kate Middleton, ‘Fed-Up’ Prince William Create Shocking Plan To Challenge Meghan Markle, Prince Harry?!Royal family experts describe Kate Middleton and Prince William as taking the “high road” in their relationship with Meghan Markle and Prince Harry. For instance, Kate often gets portrayed as the gentle peacemaker. And while Harry directly slams his royal relatives in the media, William avoids such direct attacks. 

But now Kate and William reportedly want global popularity more than they desire to get perceived as politically correct. As a result, the Duke of Cambridge and Duchess of Cambridge may soon challenge the Duke of Sussex and Duchess of Sussex on their California home turf! 

Kate Middleton, Prince William Vs Meghan Markle, Harry Feud

Royal family insiders point to Prince Harry’s and Meghan Markle’s famous Oprah Winfrey interview as fueling their feud with Kate and William. And the feud has only grown from there. For instance, the couple has already enjoyed another interview with Oprah. Harry and Meghan also have participated in numerous media events that made headlines. 

In contrast, Kate and William keep doing the royal footwork. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have quietly attended to various duties assigned by the royal family. But now, say royal family insiders, William and Kate just may feel ready to change their approach.

Do Kate and William envy Harry’s and Meghan’s freedom from royal family rules? Do they feel annoyed? Well, maybe. For whatever reason, royal family insiders hint at a new path for the Cambridge couple involving a visit to the United States. 

Kate Middleton, William To Visit U.S. To Challenge Meghan Markle, Harry?!

Prince William and Kate Middleton feel “fed up” with viewing the United States as “off-limits,” per the Daily Beast. And William fired the first shots at the results of that “enough already” emotion. The Duke of Cambridge revealed that next year’s Earthshot Awards ceremony will occur in the U.S. But a royal family insider revealed that’s just the beginning.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge feel focused on America now. And their goal emphasizes boosting their “high profile” in the U.S., added the source. As a result, Kate and William probably will make a “high-profile visit” to Meghan’s and Harry’s new home base. 

In addition to boosting their profile, William and Kate reportedly want to investigate the impact of Oprah Winfrey’s interview. That interview described the royal family as racist, rude, and rejecting Meghan and Harry. And their remarks fueled a mystery. Who in The Firm allegedly asked about the skin color of the then unborn Sussex family baby? William continues to deny that allegation, stating, “We are very much not a racist family.” Will he follow up that defense by a visit to the U.S.?

Meghan Markle, Prince Harry Vs Kate Middleton, William: Inside The Feud

The royal family insider also revealed that Kate Middleton and Prince William know “that their popularity took a bit of a dive post the Oprah interview.” As a result, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge want to focus “on getting that support back. America is a very important audience for them.”

But can Kate and William repair ALL the damage done by Harry’s and Meghan’s media allegations? Thus far, Harry and Meghan seem to have the “sympathy” edge because of their interview revelations. For instance, the racism claim got followed by Meghan telling Oprah that Kate made her cry. And Markle also told Oprah that at five months pregnant, she felt suicidal. When she asked for help from the Palace, she got dismissed.

Kate Middleton, ‘Fed-Up’ Prince William Create Shocking Plan To Challenge Meghan Markle, Prince Harry?!

In addition, Prince Harry has described his brother and his father as feeling “trapped” within the royal family. Add in the problems still to get resolved over when and where Harry and Meghan will christen their second child. And it seems like the feud has only got worse rather than better!

What Do Kate, Meghan, Will, And Harry Have In Common?

But some royal family observers still hope that the royal brothers and their wives can find common ground and repair their rift. For instance, both couples believe in focusing on causes. And they share a desire to become advocates for those without a voice, such as those suffering from mental health issues.

As a result, William and Kate might make amends on Harry’s and Meghan’s turf when they do visit the United States. The couple reportedly now realize that playing the gentle and quiet cards doesn’t work in terms of popularity. And that U.S. tour, say the insiders, could test and directly challenge just which couple can become more popular on a global level. 

What do you think about these allegations? Do you believe William and Kate should visit the United States to boost their popularity? Share your views with us. And then check back on our site for all the royal family news.



  1. Jeannie Geary says

    I’m American all the way but I love the royal family! Megan is not royal in any way! She’s a home wrecker, deceitful, manuliplated, lying, opportunist, social climbing witch! She wants to be important and saw Harry as her step ladder to fame. Total opposite of beautiful Kate!! That’s the problem! Megan wants to be like Kate when she grows up. I would LOVE to see Kate and William visit my country! Heck… come to see me at my home! I’d do my best to treat you right!!!!

    1. Sue says

      Well said, Jeannie – My thoughts exactly. I am a 79 year old native born American and have been “in love’ with the British Monarchy since I was a small child. I am sure that Kate & William will be VERY warmly welcomed to our country. They are the best example of humility, thrust, loyalty, friendship and the best of the Monarchy, save the Queen …

    2. Kathy says

      Couldn’t agree with you all more! I love the royal family! I read all I can about them. They just intrigue me. Megan… she is a social climber. When she had the opportunity to go out with Harry I am sure she went after him with a vengeance! She is a low-end actress on “Suits”?? She didn’t get the royal treatment the minute she walked in the palace. She didn’t have the class to make it in the family. She never will. She has made her bed and she needs to lay in it. Going after the family with Oprah, big mistake! What did she expect? She will get what she deserves! I hope nothing.

      1. Sally says

        Perfectly said

    3. Sally says

      Yes, I as well…the Markles, (Megan and Harry)are not Royal any longer..they should not use the title because after all, they didn’t want to be part of the Royals…WILLIAM and Kate are an example of what is needed for the Queen….support, love of the monarchy, and remaining true to who they are

  2. Mary says

    It is unfortunate that Harry has chosen this path of unhappiness. Meghan seems bent on destroying her relationship with both Harry’s and her families. She wants to be a world “star” and fabricates stories about all her family that don’t ring true. She is what she is, a woman wanting Immediate fame. The type she is receiving is destructive. In her need to be famous, she has proven she will do anything for publicity. She doesn’t need to call the press about herself, if she really wants people to admire her, she will do good things without thought of publicity and people will recognize her goodness and do the ‘publicity for her by speaking of it, Her fame will rise because of it not because she making up stories and then alerting the press.

  3. Robyn404 says

    I’m American but I just love William & Kate! William reminds me of his mother Donna so much. William & Kate might not like everything that comes being part of the Royal Family but they both understand what it means.
    The difference between William & Kate and Harry & Meghan is William & Kate are not SPOILED BRATS! Harry married a SPOILED BRAT!

  4. Elizabeth McClendon says

    Megan is most definitely an opportunist, a fraud and publicity seeker. Why does she think she is important? She married Harry to fulfil her ambition. She takes every opportunity to bring attention to herself, making statements to the press, speaking out on issues as if she is someone important. What did she do in her personal life to warrant fame and fortune before marrying Harry? In my opinion, nothing that she ever did entitles her to make statements pertaining to the world. Who cares what she thinks? I certainly don’t. She is so impressed with the accomplishment of marrying a royal; she thinks that she is entitled to be treated as a royal. She is nothing but an airhead, a narcisist. Shame on you, Megan. Get off your high horse and recognize that true Americans are not in any way impressed with you. Only people who have insecurities themselves would ever be impressed with your behavior.

    1. Sally says

      Well said…agree with everything …all these yrs the dedication the Queen has given to not just her position, but loving her family…what a pair of poisonous people…they deserve each other..but for not wanting to be part of the monarchy, they still take advantage of the title…shameful people.

  5. Mary E. Eckard says

    Meghan has misjudged the Queen and the Royal family. She thought she could fly in and be the person who they would put out front as their wonderful new member. Instead of becoming beloved, she is truly disliked in America. The English Royal family survives because they have traditions that have lasted through generations. Meghan could have been part of the “Fab Four” and the world would have supported their good works. She married Harry for immediate fame, Everything is about her and she doesn’t realize, most of us don’t want daily news about her. She is so busy promoting herself that the new child she says she and Harry have has never been introduced as part of this “fabulous family”. Why? It’s because she doesn’t honor family – she hates her family and hates Harry’s family and isn’t one to promote anything. She wants money and power and may find the fame she wants but will never have the power. Where is Harry? Unfortunately, he is her puppet. This whole travesty is sad, sad, sad.

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