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Kate Middleton & Prince William Hid Secret Messages Inside Christmas Card: Get The Code!


Kate Middleton And Prince William Hid Secret Messages Inside Christmas Card: Get The Code!Royal family fans always enjoy seeing Kate Middleton and Prince William’s Christmas cards each year. But in 2021, the Duchess and Duke of Cambridge went above and beyond in providing a treat for their followers. Kate and William hid secret messages within their greetings! 

Can you find all the royal Easter eggs, as those hidden messages got dubbed? Learn all about what the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge put in their Christmas card below. 

Kate Middleton And Prince William’s Christmas Card: PDA And Knees!

The Duchess of Cambridge and Duke of Cambridge devote hours each year to planning their royal family Christmas card, reports People. And for 2021, that plan including hiding secret messages inside their holiday greeting. As a result, every gesture and outfit detail contains meaning.

For instance, Kate Middleton and Prince William use the Queen as their royal model when it comes to public displays of affection (PDA). But this year, the Duchess of Cambridge and Duke of Cambridge decided to make an exception. In a romantic move, William put his hand on Kate’s knee, while she put her hand on her husband’s. The secret message: The royal couple’s love is very real. Check it out below. 

Another hidden message resides in the outfits for the Duke of Cambridge, his oldest son Prince George, and his youngest son Prince Louis. Those casual shorts reveal that Prince William enjoys relaxing with his family on vacation. And in his mind, that translates to (gasp) bared knees! That choice marks the very first time that the Duke of Cambridge has chosen shorts for the royal family’s Christmas card picture. 

Kate And William Hide More Easter Eggs Inside Christmas Card For 2021!

2021 just might mark the year when the Duchess of Cambridge and Duke of Cambridge win the unofficial prize for the most Easter eggs hidden inside a royal family Christmas card! In addition to the PDA and bared knee secret messages, Kate and William chose outfit colors of significance. That olive green worn by Kate, William, and Prince George means harmony and peace. And in contrast, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis show their special bond by sporting matching blue outfits. 

But the secret messages don’t stop there. In previous years, Kate and William chose to snap their Christmas card photos at their home in the country, Anmer Hall. For 2021, though, the Duchess of Cambridge opted to take the family holiday picture during their private vacation to Jordan. That’s where Kate resided for two years as a child.

Insiders speculate that Kate has shown her desire for her children to enjoy a normal life by choosing that unusual locale. One of her friends even revealed that such family trips reveal Kate’s desire for “normality” for her kids. “She wants to emulate her upbringing, living in the countryside with a close-knit family,” shared the pal. “She desperately wants that normality for her own kids.”

What do you think about the secret messages that the Duke of Cambridge and Duchess of Cambridge hid inside their Christmas card this year? Share your views with us. And then check back on our site for more royal family news!

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