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Kate Middleton Reunites With Prince Harry’s Ex Girlfriend For VERY Special Reason!


Kate Middleton Reunites With Prince Harry’s Ex Girlfriend For VERY Special ReasonRoyal family news reveals that Kate Middleton just enjoyed a very unexpected reunion! And that meeting took years to happen. The Duchess of Cambridge just met up with Prince Harry’s ex-girlfriend Chelsy Davy for a very special purpose. 

Find out about the connection between Kate and Chelsy. And learn how the Duchess reacted when Harry dumped Davy and married Meghan Markle instead. Step inside Kate’s and Chelsy’s secret dinner below!

Kate Middleton Viewed Chelsy Davy As BFF Before Prince Harry Dumped!

For Prince Harry, Chelsy Davy represented the girlfriend who survived the longest. But Kate Middleton also became close friends with Chelsey. As a result, the Duchess of Cambridge felt “absolutely devastated” when Harry dumped her in 2011, an insider told New Idea

“Kate and Chelsy were thick as thieves,” recalled the source. “They always attended events together when they were dating William and Harry.” And while royal life could seem challenging, the two helped each other survive at varios formal events. For instance, Middleton and Davy stayed together at parties, polo matches, and even weddings. And the insider added that the best friends would rather chat together than interact with the “society snobs” at such posh gatherings. 

“At the time, Kate quietly thought Harry made the biggest mistake of his life in letting her go,” says the source. But the Duchess and Davy didn’t let the split keep them apart. Chelsy, now 36, and Kate, now 40, ” stayed in touch over the years.” For instance, the two reunited when Harry tied the knot with Meghan Markle, despite Kate’s “tinge of wistfulness about what could have been if he’d married Chelsy.”

Kate Middleton Arranges Secret Dinner With Chelsy For VERY Special Reason!

Recently, Chelsy and Kate reunited for a secret dinner. But Middleton wanted to reconnect with Davy, born in Zimbabwe, for a very special reason. “Chelsy runs a luxury Africa travel service,” explained the insider. “And William and Kate are hoping to plan an epic joint 40th birthday trip there.”

Kate Middleton Reunites With Prince Harry’s Ex Girlfriend For VERY Special Reason

In June, Prince William will celebrate his birthday. And while Kate turned 40 in January, a surge in COVID cases caused her to postpone her own party. As a result, the couple want to enjoy a fabulous celebratory vacation!

“Kate reached out hoping Chelsy could help plan something amazing,” revealed the insider. “Chelsy has a lot of time for Wills and Kate – after all, there was a time in her life when she assumed they’d be her brother and sister-in-law.” And she felt delighted to help with the Africa vacation planning. 

But while Middleton and Davy met up mainly to plan the vacation, some suspect the two found another topic in Prince Harry. Chelsy may have discussed the changes that she has observed in her former boyfriend since marrying Meghan Markle. For instance, Harry “no longer seems like the cheeky guy she fell in love with, who was close to his family. She doesn’t know this moody man, who moved overseas to make barbed comments about his brother and father in the media,” revealed the insider.

Tell us what you think about Kate’s meeting with Chelsy. Do you agree with her alleged view that Harry has changed dramatically since marrying Meghan Markle? And after you’ve shared your views, check back on our site for more royal family news.

  1. Rhonda says

    From what I once heard it was Chelsey Davey who gave Harry the flick because she couldn’t cope with all the
    paparazzi attention.

  2. Tracy says

    Harry has definitely changed.

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