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Kate Middleton Speaks Out On The Possibility of Becoming The Next Princess Of Wales


Kate Middleton Speaks Out On The Possibility of Becoming The Next Princess Of WalesThe royals news and updates tease the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, commented about her possible title in the future. She made the rare remark during her visit to Cardiff.

Fans may recall that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, Prince William and Kate Middleton, visited Wales for the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee celebration. A Twitter user with the handle @helen3030 shared a video where someone from the public told the Duchess that she’d be a “Brilliant” Princess of Wales.

“That’s very kind of you. I’m in good hands,” Kate responded while she gestured to her husband, Prince William.

Will Kate Be The Next Princess of Wales?

Kate can be the next Princess of Wales, but the decision of whether she’ll take on that title or not depends on Prince Charles, her father-in-law. The Prince of Wales is a title given to the heir to the throne, but it is the reigning Sovereign who will have the final say.

Prince Charles was given the title in 1958, six years after the Queen took over the throne in 1952. He has held the title ever since, and it’s possible for him to pass on the title to his elder son for continuity. When that happens, and Prince William becomes the Prince of Wales, then Kate will become the Princess of Wales.

Kate Leads First Roundtable With UK Politicians

Recently, Kate led a roundtable discussion with UK politicians. Among those who attended the gathering were Health Secretary Sajid Javid and. Minister for Families Will Quince.

The meeting discussed the findings of the Royal Foundation Centre for Early Childhood, which Kate launched last year. The report showed that 90% of people agree that the early years of kids play a crucial role in shaping the lives of children. However, those who believe that the first five years of a kid’s life are important in how they would turn out in the future were only less than 20%.

Kate Middleton Speaks Out On The Possibility of Becoming The Next Princess Of Wales

Even though it was her first time, the Duchess of Cambridge became an excellent advocate for early childhood development. She urged the attendees that they could do more to prioritize the children’s well-being, whether it involves helping the child directly or by helping the adults whom they’re with.

“Our experiences in early childhood fundamentally impact our whole life and set the foundation for how we go on to thrive as individuals, with one another, as a community and as a society,” the Duchess said in a statement.

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