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Kate Middleton STEALS Style Spotlight From Dismayed Meghan Markle


Kate Middleton STEALS Style Spotlight From Dismayed Meghan MarkleRoyal family feuds come and go with one exception.  And that exception involves Kate Middleton versus Meghan Markle! Ever since Meghan became a royal family member by tying the knot with Prince Harry, rumors of a Kate versus Meghan feud repeatedly flare. Find out the latest war in their rumored battle below. 

Kate Middleton, Meghan Markle Feud Timeline

The feud between Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle began soon after Prince Harry proposed to the former Suits actress. As a result of their engagement, the media focused much more on Meghan than Kate.

And headlines followed accusing of Markle of “stealing” the spotlight from Middleton. But the mere action of becoming engaged didn’t count for the only reason for that accusation.

Some royal family observers pointed out that Kate has become known for making modest, even subdued style choices.

In contrast, Meghan’s bold, dazzling fashion caused cameras to focus on Harry’s then-fiancee. And when wedding prep began, the feud rumors accelerated.

The world seemed focused on Markle’s every move, from her choice of wedding attendants to her decision on a wedding dress design. Usually, the hoopla over a royal wedding fades. 

But the spotlight stayed focused on Meghan long after her wedding day. And then came the shocker, with the news that Markle and Prince Harry had stepped down from their royal family duties. 

That caused yet another media uproar, resulting in more focus on Meghan and less on Kate. 

Add in multiple media interviews such as that infamous Oprah Winfrey performance, and it’s understandable that Middleton might feel miffed. 

How Kate Middleton Stole Back Spotlight From Meghan Markle

But don’t rule out Kate Middleton as the ultimate winner of that feud with Meghan Markle just yet! Most recently, Kate managed to stun with a style that dazzled onlookers.  And her successful fashion ensemble reportedly dismayed Meghan. 

If we’re keeping scores in their feud wars, Middleton appears to rank as the current winner! So what exactly did Kate wear that stole back the spotlight from Meghan? Middleton turned into a resemblance of James Bond’s Golden Girl.

And her choice of designer gown proved perfect, as the event at which she wore that golden outfit just happened to be the red carpet premiere of the new James Bond film!

Kate Middleton STEALS Style Spotlight From Dismayed Meghan Markle

James Bond Movie Premiere Lets Kate Middleton ‘Upstage’ Meghan Markle

The iconic film premiere marked the very first royal event since the pandemic lock-down began. 

And while Kate Middleton stole the spotlight with her stunning style, Prince William, Prince Charles and Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, enjoyed the evening with Meghan’s rival. 

Kate looked so stunning that actor Daniel Craig complimented her, per the Express.“You look jolly lovely,” said Craig. 

But while the Bond film star delighted in Kate’s outfit, Meghan Markle felt upset, said royal family commentator Neil Sean. 

Markle got “upstaged” by Middleton in the wake of Meghan’s and Prince Harry’s trip to New York City. 

The royal family commentator claimed that Markle thought her visit to New York represented her return to the world stage. 

As a result of the Bond film premiere, however, Kate outdid her in becoming the focal point of press photos. And that dismayed Meghan, according to Sean, who predicted that the situation was difficult for Prince Harry’s wife. 

What do you think? Has Kate Middleton won the royal rivalry for now? 

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  1. Nan says

    Megan could never out-do Kate…… Kate has class……A look of perfection. One doesn’t have to look at her wardrobe, Kate’s hair is always styled,. Megan on the other hand often times looks like she just stepped out of bed. Her hair is messy in what much of the press has called a “messy bun and has hair hanging around her face!

  2. Robyn says

    Kate has so much more class then Meghan it’s funny.
    Meghan wishes she could be in the same position as Kate. She never will be. Kate she will always be a want Meghan can’t be!

  3. BelfastBelle says

    Kate has elegance, taste and style – it doesn’t matter what the occasion is, she is always immaculately dressed in well fitting suitable clothes, and perfectly groomed – be it casual in jeans with her hair down or dressed to the nones for formal occasions. Her natural beauty shines through.

    Meghan has none of those attributes.

    No contest

  4. JoAnna Waldon says

    Megan will never outdo Catherine, she is so lovely, she’s a great mother and a wonderful wife. William and Catherine Are a blesses couple. Their children are beautiful, they are definitely hands on parents. . Catherine is a happy lovely person. Megan& Harry are-always angry with the world, heart broken and generally pissed off. they really need to stop giving speeches , it just doesn’t turn out well for them. They make fools of themselves, she is a very poor actress, and Harry is @ a total loss.
    Between the miss information & the outride lies, they don’t stand a chance. I really feel sorry for the kido’s as they get older how embraced they will be.

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