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King Charles’ Charity Dubbed “Not the Most Generous”


King Charles' Charity Dubbed “Not the Most Generous”

Throughout his long time as the Prince of Wales, Charles established many charities, with the most notable being The Prince’s Trust. The charity’s yearly award night is something that’s looked forward to every year.

However, the charity recently came under fire after they promised to make payments of just £2,000 each to child survivors of sexual abuse. This caused some controversies as people thought it was too poor a compensation for anyone who has been introduced to an event that will likely haunt them for life.

The Prince’s Trust Comes Under Blast After Promising Compensation Funds

King Charles is facing increasing scrutiny over compensation promises made by his charity, The Prince’s Trust, which promised to give a mere £2,000 to children who survived sexual abuse.

These children were subjected to abuse after the government removed them from their poor working class families and care homes and sent them to “farm schools” in Australia and Canada.

The group is legally liable to pay back survivors for the claims since it took over Fairbridge in 2012, a charity that ran the farm schools under a previous iteration.

The monarch was insulted for the move by those who felt he could have done better. One of those critics was political commentator Scarlett MccGwire, who said the lack of funds was a reflection of the monarch’s ungenerous nature.

Speaking on GB News, she said: “About a quarter of these people have died. King Charles didn’t have to pay inheritance tax from everything he got from his mum. You just think, these are people who have had awful lives. A lot of them will be affected for the rest of their lives.”

King Charles' Charity Dubbed “Not the Most Generous”

She added that what was done to those survivors was “appalling” and that they deserved real compensation.

She continued, “What gets me about The Princes’ Trust is that Charles never puts his hand in the pocket for anything. He’s not the most generous of people.”

A group that represents survivors of the affair, The Old Fairbridgians Association, reached out to the King, imploring him to intervene in the Prince’s Trust’s dealings.

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