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Meghan Markle and Prince Harry Not Wanted For Platinum Jubilee


Meghan Markle and Prince Harry Not Wanted For Platinum JubileeMeghan Markle recently made headlines when she was photographed laying flowers at Uvalde, Texas, in memory of the 19 children and two teachers who were tragically killed in a school shooting. Though her spokesperson said she went there in a private capacity as a mother, pictures of the Duchess and “her huge security detail” made its way into the internet, with rumors saying that she arrived at the scene with Netflix cameras.

Royal Expert Blasts Meghan Markle For Traveling to Uvalde With a Camera Crew

Speaking about Meghan’s appearance at Uvalde, Amanda Platell wrote for the Daily Mail: “She flew in by private jet on what was said to be a private visit. But inevitably the pictures of Meghan laying flowers at the memorial of the Texas school massacre went round the world.”

“Despite being there incognito, her huge security detail gave the game away at the memorial set up by grieving parents. Pan out from the pics of a tearful Megs kneeling in humility like Mother Teresa and there is an army of photographers and film crews capturing every soulful moment.”

While Platell said that it’s “very moving”, she also added that Meghan’s eagerness to get there – even before President Biden – means that she might be planning to pull a thing or two to steal headlines from the Queen during her big moment when she, Harry, and the kids arrive in London for the milestone Jubilee.

“Meghan could have done it another way. She says she was there in her ‘personal capacity as a mother’. Perhaps it would have been better, then, to have arranged to privately meet the mothers of the murdered children instead of appearing so poignantly in front of the world’s Press.”

She continued by comparing Meghan’s camera studded visit with Kate Middleton’s quiet visit to South London for the vigil of murdered Sarah Everard, where she was accompanied by only one female protection officer.

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry Not Wanted For Platinum Jubilee

Amanda Platell Says Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Not Needed For the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee

Journalist and royal commentator Amanda Platell also criticized Meghan for not going to see her ailing father.

She continued: “Remember how she and Harry laid a wreath at Los Angeles national cemetery on Remembrance Day last year — and happened to have a personal photographer in tow?

“Given that kind of form, I shudder to think what Megs might have dreamed up to grab the Jubilee limelight. I’d remind her the coming days are a celebration of the indefatigable Queen who has dedicated her life to service, not self-service.”

Platell also questioned the Sussexes’ right to be at the celebrations, especially since they’ve stepped down from their royal duties but still went ahead and accused members of the royal family of many things. She also pointed out that Harry has “heaped opprobrium” on Prince Charles and Prince William since he moved to the U.S.

“I believe I speak for many when I say: Harry and Meghan, you are not welcome. Please just stay away.”

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