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Meghan Markle Appears to be Relaunching Her Lifestyle Blog The Tig


Meghan Markle Appears to be Relaunching Her Lifestyle Blog The Tig

Royal Family news and updates reveal that while rumors have swirled for months, it does appear that Meghan Markle is relaunching her Lifestyle Blog “The Tig.” Continue reading and we’ll spill the Earl Grey.

Royal Family News: What Happened to The Tig?

Royal Family news and updates reveal that, according to Marie Claire, the Duchess of Sussex may very well be launching her blog as soon as next week. Good To reported last month that Markle had sparked rumors that she was going to relaunch her website after the actress shut it down five years ago when she and Prince Harry began dating.

At that time, Markle wrote a lengthy message to her subscribers. “After close to three beautiful years on this adventure with you, it’s time to say goodbye to The Tig. What began as a passion project (my little engine that could) evolved into an amazing community of inspiration, support, fun and frivolity.

“You’ve made my days brighter and filled this experience with so much joy. Keep finding those Tig moments of discovery, keep laughing and taking risks, and keep being ‘the change you wish to see in the world.’ Above all, don’t ever forget your worth – as I’ve told you time and time again: you, my sweet friend, you are enough. Thank you for everything.”

What Caused Meghan Markle to Shut Down The Tig?

Before she became the Duchess of Sussex, Markle was a well-known actress and blogger. “The Tig,” named after the duchess’ favorite red wine was a popular blog for the three years that it ran.

The blog ran from 2014 to 2017 and produced content that focused on beauty, fashion, food, and travel. It also centered around women that Suits star admired. As Markle grew closer to Prince Harry, she shut the site down in April. Notably, she was engaged to Harry by November of the same year.

Meghan Markle Appears to be Relaunching Her Lifestyle Blog The Tig

New Revenue Stream for Meghan Markle and Prince Harry

Fast forward to now, and, according to The Mirror, the duchess is set to relaunch, reportedly looking to compete in the same circles as Gwyneth Paltrow’s “Goop.” According to a filing with the US Trademark and Patent Office, the new version of The Tig would offer tips on food, travel, fashion, the arts, design, conscious living, and wellness as well as “commentary in the field of personal relationships,” reports The Mirror.

The website is reportedly set to go live next week. It has received initial approval from the US Trademark and Patent Office and, if all goes well, looks to be another source of revenue for the Sussexes. For comparison, Paltrow has brought it almost 2.5 million (via The Daily Mail).

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