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Meghan Markle Courted To Do Infomercial by Marketing Company?


Meghan Markle Courted To Do Infomercial by Marketing Company?Daily Mail revealed that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle flew home from New York on a Dassault Falcon 2000LX luxury jet owned by direct marketing company Guthy-Renker.

The controversial infomercial company has endorsed various beauty products and brands from celebrities, including acne treatment Proactiv.

The company has been the means of celebrities like Heidi Klum, Cindy Crawford, and Jennifer Lopez, earning millions of dollars.

It is predicted that the Sussexes’ jet trip could signify that Meghan could be planning to team up with the company to launch her own line of products.

Meghan Markle Reportedly Looking Forward to Launch Her Very Own Line of Beauty Products

According to DailyMail, Harry and Meghan Markle flew back from their NYC trip on a private jet provided by the company that made Cindy Crawford the richest supermodel in the world.

Despite the fact that the infomercial has been hit by lawsuits and bans over the years, Jennifer Lopez, Jessica Simpson, Kelly Clarkson and Heidi Klum, have all had beauty product lines with the direct marketing company Guthy-Renker earning them millions of dollars.

The company, which specializes in beauty products, kick-started the career of self-help guru Tony Robbins and launched cosmetics with talk show host Leeza Gibbons, Dallas actress Victoria Principle, and celebrity stylist Chaz Dean.

The company lending its jet to Meghan Markle and her husband Harry predictably signifies that they’re interested in working with the Duchess in the future.

The 10-seater airplane is owned by Guthy-Renker’s “GRP Aviation LLC” but is reportedly also rented out to charter service Clay Lacy. An LA to NYC round trip costs as much as $115,000, per a release by Clay Lacy. However, it is likely the royals were loaned the flight by Guthy-Renker, as there was not a record of the jet being chartered this weekend from the charter service.

The firm’s two founders Bill Guthy and Greg Renker have properties in Carpinteria near the Sussexes’ mansion in Santa Barbara, and are worth over $500 million each.

Meghan Markle Courted To Do Infomercial by Marketing Company?

Guthy-Renker’s Checkered Past

Meghan Markle working with Guthy-Renker is said to be a step that the couple’s public relations team at Sunshine Sachs would advise her to be cautious about, due to the company’s controversial past.

Prosecutors from four California counties accused Guthy-Renker in 2019 of charging its customers for multiple shipments of products without their confirmation.

The marketing firm was forced to pay $1.2million in damages and “up to $7.3million in restitution to customers who got automatically-renewed charges without their consent” per the City of Santa Monica.

Guthy-Renker further paid almost $8 million to settle a lawsuit by customers of their Proactiv acne medicine and Wen hair products who were recharged without their knowledge and consent.

Wen paid out $26.3 million to settle a class action lawsuit of 2,000 women in 2016 after receiving 21,000 complaints about its hair products.

Customers were horrified to discover bald patches and felt skin irritation after using their conditioner, endorsed by celebrity stylist Chaz Dean whose A-list clients have included Brooke Shields, Alyssa Milano, and Christina Applegate.

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  1. Robyn says

    Does Meghan Marble know that people really don’t care about her or what she does or says!
    Lets face it she’s no Kate is she!

  2. Jo says

    She dosen’t care as long as the advertising co pays. Her beauty products are a joke, just as she is. She is certainly not beautiful. It sure won’t be for hair products, Her hair is dreadful.

  3. Marcia ann Whitcraft says

    Just like I feel about the Kardashians, I would also Never buy cosmetics endorsed by other” nothing” people like Meaghan markle. They don’t appear to have any other talents than looking pretty??? That’s not an achievement but a gift of nature. And no, I’m not jealous or want to be any of them

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