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Meghan Markle “Hurt” the Queen after She Went “Out of Her Way” to Make Her Feel Welcome


Meghan Markle “Hurt” the Queen after She Went “Out of Her Way” to Make Her Feel WelcomeA royal expert recently said that the way Harry and Meghan went on live TV to blab about racism in the royal family after Her Majesty tried her best to improve “race relations” in the Palace has left the Queen “hurt”.

Queen Elizabeth’s “Recollections May Vary” Line Hailed as the Best Response

Meghan, 40, and Harry, 37, sat down with Oprah last March for a controversial tell-all interview. During that time, they made several accusations against the royal family, including that an unnamed member of the royal family made racist comments about their then-unborn son Archie.

If it were true, then what else is new? I fail to see how every member of your extended family can like you. One person’s hatred or faux pas should not make anyone discredit the love and affection they’ve received from others. And yet that is what the so-called Duke and Duchess of Sussex did when they went on national TV to tell the world about matters that happened within a family.

Another thing is that “concerned” comments about Archie’s skin color from an unnamed senior royal when Harry’s lineage would fall out of the line of succession in a few decades is doubtful, to say the least.

Though Oprah later revealed that the racist was not the Queen or her late husband, the comments would have upset Her Majesty nonetheless.

Meghan Markle “Hurt” the Queen after She Went “Out of Her Way” to Make Her Feel Welcome

In the Daily Mail, royal biographer Robert Hardman writes: “Time and again over her 70 years on the throne — during which she has been a devoted Head of the Commonwealth — I have seen how the Queen has gone out of her way to promote inter-racial, multi-faith, cross-community cohesion.

“All of which will have made it particularly upsetting, in her tenth decade, to find her monarchy facing imprecise yet wounding charges of racism not from republicans or culture warriors — but from within her own family.”

Two days after the pair did the interview, the Queen said that she’s “saddened” by the claims regarding race but insisted “some recollections may vary”.

Her prudent reply has been hailed by many as the perfect response to Meghan and Harry’s “unproven” claims.

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