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Meghan Markle Leads AWKWARD Prince Harry In 2022, Predicts Royal Family Insider


Meghan Markle Leads AWKWARD Prince Harry In 2022, Predicts Royal Family InsiderMeghan Markle will take on the lead while Prince Harry follows in 2022, predicts a royal family insider. But look for the Duchess of Sussex to do more than guide her husband. The New Year promises to bring changes for Meghan even as Harry faces new challenges. 

Find out what this royal family expert sees in Harry’s and Meghan’s  future. And discover when to expect the Duchess to reveal her real feelings below. 

Meghan Markle To Do ‘What No One Expects’ In 2022?!

Royal family expert Debbie Frank predicts that Meghan Markle will surprise everyone in the New Year. Frank, who once served as Princess Diana’s confidante, told Hello magazine that the Duchess of Sussex will “create a few shock waves” in 2022. But given that Markle already has stunned with her confident candor, what else could she do to shock observers? 

As a royal family astrologer, Debbie analyzed Meghan’s astrological chart for 2022. A Leo who celebrates her birthday in early August, the Duchess of Sussex actually doesn’t deliberately seek to behave in a controversial way. Instead, blame the stars for her OMG actions!

“Meghan is taking stock in January when a long drawn-out battle reaches a tipping point,” predicted Frank. “During March she’s looking for new ventures that will add a different dimension to her role in life and once again she’s capable of pulling things out of the hat that create a few shock waves. Meghan will resist anything that pigeon-holes her during this time and will take the lead to steer outside of her comfort zone.”

Born to attract attention, the Duchess of Sussex cannot stand to stay in the background, according to the royal family expert. “Meghan may not consciously court controversy,” pointed out Debbie. “But the rebellious planet Uranus angling her Sun, is priming her to do what no one expects.”

Meghan Markle Leads AWKWARD Prince Harry In 2022, Predicts Royal Family Insider

Tricky Times Ahead For Meghan Markle, Prince Harry?

Keep your eyes on Meghan Markle when June arrives, predicts the royal astrologer. During that month, Queen Elizabeth and the royal family celebrate her Platinum Jubilee. “Over the Platinum Jubilee period, Meghan’s need to find her voice and speak her truth may jangle other royals.” But those tricky times won’t last long. 

“But during the autumn the cosmos settles into a calmer picture for her,” added Frank. However, even as Meghan relaxes, Prince Harry could face his own challenges. Debbie predicts that Markle takes the lead for the Duke of Sussex. 

“Harry is still going through a major internal process over a number of years which involves a lot of soul-searching and letting go of his old life,” she explained. “It’s a sensitive time for him as a Virgo with a mind that races and is prone to anxiety.”

And the royal astrologer sums up Harry’s emotions in one word: Awkward. As his royal relatives celebrate the Platinum Jubilee, Meghan’s husband “feels awkward and out of step.” But just like Markle, the Duke of Sussex could produce some surprises. 

“This is followed by an incoming cycle of upheaval when Harry wishes to carve out even more of his own space. He’s in the mood to make radical decisions and liberate himself from anything he finds restrictive and he’s wanting to break through rather than toe the line over the next few years. Restless and craving independence, he’s full of surprises,” added Frank. 

What do you think of those predictions? Do you see Meghan Markle as the leader in the Sussex family? Share your views with us. And then check back on our site for all the royal family news!

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