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Meghan Markle Makes Prince Harry’s Childhood Prediction Come True!


Meghan Markle Makes Prince Harry’s Childhood Prediction Come True!Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s relationship came under fire even before the couple tied the knot.

For instance, some thought Markle and Harry should wait to wed. That waiting period would have given Meghan a chance to get up to speed on royal family ways.

But this dynamic duo ignored objections in their rush to the altar. And now, that criticism in retrospect seems minor.

From the infamous Oprah Winfrey interview to bashing of his royal family upbringing, Prince Harry has repeatedly shocked “The Firm” (the name for the royal family).

And Meghan Markle has gone beyond supporting her husband. The Duchess of Sussex even dared to accuse the royal family of racism.

All those clashes have cast a shadow over the young couple. 

But now, in a refreshing change, a recent revelation revealed that Meghan Markle may not be to blame for the couple’s exit from The Firm.

One royal family insider just revealed that when Harry was just a child, he wished to quit the royal family! 

Find out what the Duke of Sussex wanted when he was young and how his wife Meghan Markle helped him achieve that prediction below. 

Did Prince Harry Predict Megxit At Age 4?!

Last year, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry stepped back from their duties.

That event, since dubbed Megxit, stunned both the royal family and observers felt stunned.

But now one insider has revealed that Harry predicted such an event at a very young age.

That source, a former royal family protection officer, just recalled a conversation among Princess Diana, Prince William, and Prince Harry.

The former royal family staffer, Ken Wharfe, revealed that at age 4, Prince Harry dropped a clue about someday exiting the life of The Firm, per Cosmo.

Harry shared that hint when Princess Diana was driving young Harry and William to Highgrove in Gloucestershire.

Suddenly, seemingly “out of nowhere,”recalled Wharfe,  young Harry declared, “William, one day you’ll be king.”

And Harry then shocked his mother by adding, “I won’t, it doesn’t matter. Therefore, I can do what I like.”

But Harry didn’t actually fulfill that prediction and desire about exiting the royal family until he tied the knot with Meghan Markle. 

Some think Harry needed the support from Meghan to go beyond dreaming and make his predicted exit a reality.

Meghan Markle Makes Prince Harry’s Childhood Prediction Come True!

Prince Harry, Prince William Rift Began In Childhood?!

When Harry made that comment about doing what he wanted in contrast to his older brother William, Princess Diana appeared “stunned,” according to Wharfe.

But Wharfe suspects that Harry didn’t intend to upset his mother with his comment. The Duke of Sussex may have wanted to annoy his older brother instead!

Harry and William “clearly got off to a bad start because they were arguing before we’d even left,” recalled the royal family insider.

And that “bad start” may have marked the beginning of problems in the brothers’ relationship.

Although Prince William has mostly refrained from openly commenting about the rift, Prince Harry hasn’t held back.

For instance, Harry recently shared that he believes he and William have traveled “different paths.”

What will be needed to help the brothers reunite on the same path? 

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