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Meghan Markle Mocked For ‘Clownish’ California Mansion Feature!


 Meghan Markle Mocked For ‘Clownish’ California Mansion FeatureMeghan Markle, Prince Harry, and their children currently enjoy the California lifestyle in their luxurious mansion. But the features in their estate sparked a recent backlash. One royal family commentator even mocked the setup as “clownish”! 

Find out why the Duchess of Sussex got ridiculed for her estate. And see if you agree with the commentator that Meghan’s and Harry’s mansion seems “insane!” Get up to date on the latest Sussex family controversy below. 

Duchess Mocked Over ‘Insane’ Mansion

Meghan Markle’s and Prince Harry’s new home state, California, currently struggles with a drought. As a result, the Sussex family’s decision to go for 16 bathrooms seems “insane,” claims a royal family commentator per the Express. That expert, Shane Watson, added that the Duchess of Sussex appears “clownish” in her estate’s room layout. 

Water restrictions currently have gone into effect throughout California. And Watson views the 16-bathroom mansion as ridiculous in that environment. Taking the criticism a step further, the commentator even labeled Meghan a “celebrity clown. The easiest way to spot a Celebrity Clown, or at least one of the ways, is they live in a 16-bathroom house, and there are two of them and two under five (see the Sussexes),” added the royal family expert. 

Watson pointed to the difference between the number of bedrooms and bathrooms as a reason for the “clown” label. “As you know – but let’s put it out there one more time because it never ceases to make us boggle – Harry and Meghan’s Montecito residence has seven more bathrooms than it has bedrooms,” noted the royal family commentator. “That is nine en-suites, plus another strategically placed seven conveniences.”

 Meghan Markle Mocked For ‘Clownish’ California Mansion Feature

Meghan Markle Needs ‘Redundant’ Rooms In Mansion?!

But Watson went into even more depth in defending the “clown” label. Connecting the drought with the mansion’s bathrooms, the royal family commentator asked why Meghan Markle wanted those extra bathrooms. Does a family of two parents plus two kids really require 16 bathrooms?

“It always was an insane number of bathrooms,” claimed Watson. “But now California is in the middle of a drought, water restrictions are in place, and the madness of this sort of empty-room living is looking more clownish than ever. Let’s just pause to think about those redundant rooms for a moment. At a guess, no more than four bathrooms are in regular use, and that’s including the nanny’s.”

Meghan and Prince Harry moved into their mansion in 2020. In addition to all those bathrooms, their California home features nine bedrooms, a games room, home theater, spa facilities, a gym, a swimming pool, a tennis court, and an elevator. “The Duke and Duchess of Sussex have settled into the quiet privacy of their community since their arrival,” stated a spokesperson.

Tell us what you think! Do you agree with the criticism? And after you’ve shared your views, check back on our site regularly for more royal family news.

  1. Heather Stewart says

    No matter how much money people have, I could never fathom the reason for rooms and bathrooms that don’t ever get used. Just doesn’t make sense to flaunt that kind of waste when there are so many people out there with no roofs over their heads. Not only is the space wasted, but the electricity to heat and cool those empty spaces is wasted. But, I guess some folks like to show off and flaunt their wealth.

  2. Martha says

    Love the extra space, if you can have it enjoy.

  3. Alice Macfarlane says

    I think it’s strictly their business

  4. Tara Garced says

    What does the number of bathrooms in prince Harry’s house have to do with California drought? Your state is run by a corrupt democrat that cares more about himself and his cronies and instituting draconian laws! And I’m sure there’s more ppl In California that have a multitude of bathrooms! If the bathrooms aren’t being used the waters not being wasted!!

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