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Meghan Markle Reportedly Angered by Prince Charles ‘Monarchy Reformation Plans’


Meghan Markle Reportedly Angered by Prince Charles 'Monarchy Reformation Plans'British Royal family news reveals according to an insider, Prince Charles’ plans for a slimmed down monarchy have angered Meghan Markle, who believes that her children won’t be able to inherit titles if Charles goes through with his plans to reform the monarchy.

Meghan, 40, hinted in her sit-down with Oprah that the decision to change the structure of the monarchy stems from a dislike of her biracial background. However, royal commentators revealed that a slimmed down monarchy has always been one of Prince Charles’ agendas as a future monarch.

Royal Expert Claims Meghan Markle Took Prince Charles’ Slimmed Down Monarchy Plans “Personally”

In Robert Lacey’s book “Battle of Brothers”, the royal biographer discussed Meghan Markle’s reaction to a possible reformation, which would take away her children’s legal rights to the “Prince/Princess” title.

In the book’s excerpt, he wrote, “In pursuing his own cause of the slimmed-down monarchy, Prince Charles had been making noises about limiting the number of HRHs created by George V’s 1917 convention still further, thus cutting out Archie from his future prince-ship — and Meghan took that personally.”

Meghan Markle Reportedly Angered by Prince Charles 'Monarchy Reformation Plans'

According to Lacey, Meghan felt a burning desire to cry “foul”, especially since the Queen amended the 1917 HRH title convention, thereby allowing more royals to become princes and princesses.

He also explained the claims regarding Archie’s status change when Prince Charles becomes king, adding: “The media explanation of why Charles had stopped taking Harry’s calls was all about money — the long-suffering father was apparently tired of being ‘treated like a cash dispenser,’ as one royal source put it, but there were more profound issues at stake.”

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  1. christine gardiner says

    Harry and Meghan you left , you wanted to live your life away from the royal family , you have caused so much heartache for the royals, lied so much , your both selfish, Harry wanting your father to keep financing your living expensives, suck it up the pair of you, Archie and lilibet don`t deserve a HRH , YOU took that away from your children ,, We the population are sick of hearing your names .

    1. Linda says

      We are tired of hearing about the royals, What you think about Prince Andrew talk about that

  2. Sharon says

    I still do not understand why this man (Prince Charles) should become King when Queen Elizabeth leaves us. His Uncle left the throne when he married a divorced woman with grace!! Charles and Camilla are both divorced and both committed adultry during thier marriages & absolutely unworthy & should NOT be allowed to advance to the throne. William & Kate would absolutely be better suited for the title of King & Queen of England and the country as well as the world would be much happier seeing that happen!

    1. Linda says

      What is so Ironic how people can condemn truth and accept and overlook all that Royal bull that continues to be apart of their lives. Who decides which Royal is honest. Because they are who they are makes them perfect. I am tired of people bashing Meghan and Prince Harry because they chose to tell the truth.Who really cares. There is only one Kingdom, that is of God!

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