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Meghan Markle Was Reportedly Not Snubbed By Oprah During Her A-List Packed Party


Meghan Markle Was Reportedly Not Snubbed By Oprah During Her A-List Packed Party

Did Oprah snub the Sussexes during her A-List packed party attended by the Kardashians, Jennifer Lopez, Sofia Vergara, Priyanka Chopra and many other stars? A source believes it’s not as simple as we think it is.

I mean, Oprah attended the Sussexes’ wedding and has been close to the couple since then. At one point, rumors even swirled that she’s Lilibet’s godmother – that’s how tight the Sussexes are with the American TV host mogul.

Source Says Meghan Markle Didn’t Attend Oprah’s Party Because Of King Charles’ Coronation

For a while, royal fans have been speculating that relations between Oprah and the Sussex couple have gone sour, especially as she didn’t publicly support the couple’s Netflix series “Harry and Meghan” and only ever offered a slight opinion on Harry’s bestselling book “Spare”.

So when one person who royal fans thought would grace Oprah’s party was absent, fans quickly concluded that it was a massive snub.

However, speaking to Fox News, Christopher Andersen said he doesn’t believe it’s actually a snub and instead linked the 41-year-old Duchess’s absence to the coming coronation.

“If there is one thing Oprah is, it’s loyal. I think people are reading a lot more into this supposed snub than they should. My reading of the situation is that both Oprah and the Sussexes realize this is a very delicate moment for Harry and Meghan as we approach the coronation of King Charles.”

Meghan Markle Was Reportedly Not Snubbed By Oprah During Her A-List Packed Party

Harry And Meghan Remain On Friendly Terms

The author added: “Appearing at such a glitzy, high-profile event with Hollywood A-listers to honor Oprah is not what the Sussexes need right now. That would certainly rub King Charles the wrong way, not to mention an already hostile British public. I’m certain Harry and Meghan remain on friendly terms and are keeping the whole Oprah/H&M thing on the down-low.”
It’s also understood that the event that saw the gathering of so many female celebrities was actually not Oprah’s birthday party, even though it took place during Oprah’s birthday weekend. The party was organized to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the beauty brand Anastasia Beverly Hills.

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