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Mike Tindall Makes “Unbelievable” Coronation Confessions


Mike Tindall Makes “Unbelievable” Coronation Confessions

Former English Rugby player, Mike Tindall attended King Charles III’s Coronation ceremony which took place early this month from May 6-9 at Westminster Abbey with his wife Zara Tindall.

While he was privileged to get a good seat as a member of the Royal Family courtesy of being married to Princess Anne’s daughter, Mike had some complaints to make about the sitting arrangements.

Mike and Zara sat in the fourth row behind Prince Harry, and Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie but that’s not the problem, Mike’s frustration began when he ended up watching the whole ceremony on tv despite having a good seat.

Mike Tindall — Mike’s Complaints About His Discomforts During The Ceremony

In the recent episode of his podcast “, The Good, The Bad and The Rugby,” Mike ended up laying down some complaints about the event to his co-host James Haskell.

Speaking about how he ended up watching the whole show from a screen, Mike said, “You’re in the hottest spot, but it’s happening all around the corner where you can’t see! You do have a front-row seat, but … It was unbelievable being sat there, but frustrating.”

That’s not all, Mike also complained about not being able to dance to songs performed by live artists like Katy Perry, Lionel Richie, etc.

The 44-year-old said, “You can’t hear Lionel Richie sing ‘All Night Long’ and not get up and dance. The worst thing was, with everything else, where you’re going, ‘Yeah I’ll get up and dance to this,’ and I was like ‘Is the King not going to stand up?’ because it takes a brave man to go out there [and do that].”

He continued, “I broke my flag; I was that enthusiastic. I did think at one point, ‘I really want to dance right now, and if I get up and sort of get into a slutdrop, rip my trousers off… we knew that Kermit was coming at some point, and I was like, ‘Could I dance with Kermit the frog?’…

Mike Tindall Makes “Unbelievable” Coronation Confessions

He further said, “It’s very difficult when you’re on a raised platform that’s under a lot of lights. So I felt I didn’t really put my best foot forward … if you started doing interesting dance manoeuvres on that platform next to the king, I’m not entirely sure it would have gone down that well.”

Despite it all, Mike acknowledged to having a great time at the event, “I enjoyed myself. It was phenomenal. It was an incredible weekend, and I thought the King was on point to a T and I think you could see how much he was concentrating and the emotion that was going into everything.”

Even though Mike complained about how difficult it was for him to dance, he did drop some moves that ended up stealing the show that day. Some of his fans took to Twitter to share their thoughts on it.

One person said, “Wouldn’t you love to hang out with Mike Tindall?” A second added, “I wish there was a red button option to just watch Mike Tindall living his best life.” And the third person said, “Mike Tindall is a total ledge #CoronationConcert that is couple goals right there.”

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