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More Fallout from Queen’s Prince Andrew Escort, ‘Royal Aides Were Horrified’


More Fallout from Queen’s Prince Andrew Escort, ‘Royal Aides Were Horrified’Royal aides were ‘horrified’ seeing disgraced and defrocked Prince Andrew escorting Queen Elizebeth II down the aisle at the Duke of Edinburgh’s memorial service.

The Queen has faced a great deal of reprisal after the world witnessed her being walked down the aisle at Westminster Abbey by Prince Andrew. People were shocked the Monarch pulled the Duke of York from public life back in November 2019. Continue reading and we’ll fill you in on the details.

Royal Family News: No One Knew, Not Even the Queen

As royals’ fans know, the prince was forced into “early retirement” back in November 2019 after his ruinous interview with Newsnight about his relationship with convicted sex trafficker, Jeffrey Epstein. According to royal expert Camilla Tominey, even royal aides “were horrified” to see the disgraced prince by the Queen’s side as such a prominent event.

“No one actually knew, not even the Queen that the Duke of York was going to take that prominent role at the memorial,” Tominey said, adding, “and actually, royal aides were pretty horrified by the whole scene.”

Royal Family News: Andrew Must Remain in Shadows During Queen’s Jubilee

The Duke of York has been under constant and considerable pressure to avoid Royal Family events after his legal battle and subsequent $15 million settlement with accuser Virginia Guiffre. Though the prince has maintained his innocence and, in the eyes of the law, is actually innocent, it is difficult to reconcile the $15 million settlement with his accuser.

According to the Chairman of Reputation Management Consultants, Eric Schiffer, Andrew will probably remain in the shadows as the rest of the Royal Family enjoys the Queen’s Jubilee celebrations this summer. Schiffer said that the chance of seeing the Duke of York at the celebration would be the “same as Martians landing on the Mall to honour Her Majesty.”

More Fallout from Queen’s Prince Andrew Escort, ‘Royal Aides Were Horrified’

Royal Family News: Duke Has Earmarked the Derby to Accompany the Queen

According to the royal insider the prince was supposed to stay invisible during the Platinum Jubilee so there would be “no way” he would be at public events like Trooping the Colour.

As the Queen needs an escort to every event due to her mobility issues, the expert said Andrew has “earmarked the Derby as the one her will accompany her at.” Royal fans will recall that the duke took flack last week after using his HRH style to reminisce about his time in the Falklands War while the UK celebrated the war’s 40th anniversary.

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