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Parenting Expert Calls Princess Diana a Dolphin Mom


Parenting Expert Calls Princess Diana a Dolphin MomAccording to a royal expert and parenting coach, Princess Diana lived a very informal royal life and that struck a chord with the public.

Princess Diana’s Gentle, yet Authoritative Parenting Style Explained

Sue, the author of Parenting Made Easy — How to Raise Happy Children and Raising Happy Children for Dummies, analyzed the parenting style of famous royal family members and figured out that Diana was a Dolphin mom to her little boys when she was alive.

“She made [William and Harry] aware of their privilege in a way that previous generations hadn’t,” parenting expert Sue said.

She explained that being a Dolphin mom means working to maintain balance in a child’s life, and the main idea is to gently yet authoritatively guide them — as Diana was known to do.

“Princess Diana was the first real royal mum to submerge her children in ordinary life,” she said, “They went to theme parks, they went to McDonalds, they went and visited the homeless, they went and visited AIDS patients.”

Diana’s approach to motherhood was said to be nurturing, encouraging, and affectionate, and she makes time to be with her kids and learn about their day.

“She loved to be close to her children, rather than leaving them behind while she carried out her official role, she often tried to include them,” Sue said.

And added: “Her love of children can be seen in the jobs she chose before entering royal life. She worked both as a nanny and as a nursery teacher’s assistant. And her very public displays of affection were very new for the typically reserved royal family.”

Parenting Expert Calls Princess Diana a Dolphin Mom

According to Sue, this style of parenting is great for kids because it makes them become individuals that can support and lean on their own.

While Diana was a relatively young mother when she gave birth to William, and subsequently Harry, she was able to contribute greatly to shaping the lives of her children, despite her tragic death in 1997.

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