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Piers Morgan Blasts Prince Andrew for Being A Coward


Piers Morgan Blasts Prince Andrew for Being A CowardControversial TV personality Piers Morgan has once again dug into Prince Andrew for getting entangled in the world of convicted pedophiles.

On Tuesday, the news broke that Andrew has opted to settle the sexual assault lawsuit filed by Virginia Giuffre out of court. A statement released from both parties acknowledged the agreement, with Andrew’s team commending Giuffre’s “bravery” in standing up to the Duke.

Piers Morgan Says the Court of Opinion will Damn Andrew Forever

Once upon a time, Prince Andrew pushed for a trial by jury, and the next thing the world, and Piers Morgan, knew was that he settled out of court.

Following the news, Piers branded the Duke of York a “sniveling little coward” who should disappear from the public eye. Once there was a time when Andrew was hoping to return to the public eye and continue with his royal duties, but following the Queen stripping him of his military titles, he deleted all his official social media channels. Now, sources are saying he’s looking forward to disappearing from the public eye.

Still, his existence hasn’t entirely escaped Piers Morgan, who blasted the 61-year-old Duke for reaching an out of court settlement. “The trial would surely have exposed Andrew as a liar at best, and at worst, a sexual predator,” Piers wrote for The Sun.

He further slammed Andrew’s promise to support sexual assault victims, saying it makes him “puke” just considering what the Duke could offer.

“The very last person any victim of evil sex trafficking needs support from is a man who hung out for years with two evil sex traffickers and who just paid vast sums of money to avoid facing a trial over his own alleged involvement and participation,” the popular figure said.

“Of course, there’s no admission of guilt about the allegations against him, which is something Andrew’s millions have protected him from having to test in court.”

Piers Morgan Blasts Prince Andrew for Being A Coward

Piers Morgan predicts that Prince Andrew is Now Finished

While Andrew did not admit his guilt – and since the court case was called off, he wouldn’t be subjected to cross-examination to prove his innocence or guilt – “the court of public opinion” has deemed him guilty for running away from a court trial.

“And the court of public opinion has swiftly concluded that by buying off his accuser, Andrew’s shown that once again, it’s one rule for the rich and powerful, another for the rest of them,” the TV presenter wrote in the scathing article.

He ominously warned: “Make no mistake – Andrew’s now finished.” Piers Morgan further called for Andrew’s remaining titles to be taken away.

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