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Piers Morgan Slams Two-Faced Meghan Markle for Smug Victory


Piers Morgan Slams Two-Faced Meghan Markle for Smug VictoryPiers Morgan is breathing hot air on Meghan Markle’s neck once again, and just in time as the Duchess was celebrating her win over a British newspaper for publishing a private letter she sent to her father shortly after her 2018 wedding.

Meghan joyously reflected on the journey to her victory and how she hopes it would inspire others not to keep silent in the face of injustice.

British Court Rules in Favor of Meghan Markle in Controversial Lawsuit with Associated Newspapers Limited

The former GMB host is once again after his old enemy, Meghan Markle — a former American actress better known for her role in the paralegal drama “Suits”. Piers Morgan expanded his brand name for Meghan, calling her “Princess Pinocchio bulls***” following her latest privacy victory.

The court ruled in Meghan’s favor once again following the Mail on Sunday’s appeal to the court after her first win. The judge deemed that publishing a letter Meghan sent to her father was indeed a breach of privacy, whether she anticipated its leakage before writing it or not. This means that the Duchess would not have to come face to face with her estranged father in the law court.

Meghan celebrated the court’s final decision with a candid message, accusing the Mail on Sunday for treating the case like a “game with no rules.”

Her celebratory speech seemed to anger Piers Morgan, who called the situation “beyond parody”.

Writing in his Daily Mail column, Morgan said: “She can claim ‘victory’ all she likes after this court case, but all it really did was expose her real character to the world and the cold hard two-faced reality at the heart of Meghan and Harry’s attitude to privacy.

“If I were her, I’d stick the celebratory champagne back in the fridge today. Thanks to this court case, we’ve now seen what the real Meghan looks like, fork tongue and all.”

Television Personality Insists Meghan Markle’s Lies are Losing against the Tabloids

Piers Morgan also made a reference to Meghan’s previous denial that she did not contribute to the writing of the biography “Finding Freedom”, when in fact she did. When it was revealed that she and her husband Harry did contribute to the biography, she was forced to issue an apology to the court, attributing her misleading words to a “lapse of memory”.

“Meghan’s brazen fibs about the book confirmed what people like me have been saying about her for a while,” Morgan pointed out.

Piers Morgan Slams Two-Faced Meghan Markle for Smug Victory

“Of course, the massive irony is that she vehemently denied a story the tabloids repeatedly reported, and the tabloids turned out to be right.

“Just as the tabloids have been proven right over numerous other stories about Meghan that we were assured were untrue.”

He added that the Sussexes were “quite happy to cash out their privacy” for millions of dollars “to the likes of Spotify, Netflix or Oprah”.

“They just want to reserve their right to feign outrage when others seek to commercialise their privacy without paying them. As for the media, they’ve made it very clear they want to control the media and stop beastly journalists from writing stuff they don’t like.

“If I were her, I’d stick the celebratory champagne back in the fridge today. Thanks to this court case, we’ve now seen what the real Meghan looks like, forked tongue and all. It is not a pretty sight.”

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  1. Sherry says

    Why is this woman so hell bent on destroying another country’s history and monarchy? She is not even a British citizen and has no say in the government either…..what is her problem? Thinks she is a better person then HM well Meghan you need to take lessons in humility and decency and loyalty to your country first. Ego is out of control here ….history will not be kind to her at all.

    1. Patricia says

      so she’s now running for political office in the U.K.? Must have missed that. Amazing how people who seem to be so absolutely ignorant of someone that they detest because Piers (the Man) doesn’t like her – you sound like him – absolutely obsessed with someone he doesn’t know and will never ever ever get to know. Until Meghan has done something personal to offend or hurt you or your family you really should stop with such hate filled comments – chances are you might like her – I personally think she’s very beautiful and her and Harry have two beautiful children – so how’s things going for you – not the same obviously.

  2. Donna says

    I agree 100% Piers…..
    She us not well enough to even mother her children.
    There is no victory for Harry and his family, just shame for having to be associated with her, The Narcissist.

    1. Patricia says

      obviously a very disgusting reply from an equally disgusting person – do you know her, have you ever been in her company – didn’t think so. Plus you can’t even spell – you deserve Morgan..

  3. Patricia says

    Piers is absolutely and disgustingly obsessed with Meghan – I’m surprised Harry hasn’t taken out some kind of restraining order against him – I truly feel he is so obsessed that he would resort to anything and I mean anything to ‘pay her back’ for not wanting ever to go out with him – I mean, good God ‘man’ look at yourself – whimpering, sulking, whining and absolutely nothing going for you – nothing manly about you at all – and now take a look at Harry – absolutely gorgeous, a very distinguished military record, extremely popular and very much like his beautiful mother who devoted so much of her time, benefit and station to support those people who are so greatly in need – Harry is so much like her and I’m sure she is so very proud of both of her wonderful sons and she would definitely be laughing at your attempts to try to get any attention from Harry’s wife at all – good God ‘man’ – go check yourself out – you’re definitely more than 1 brick short of a load – in many ways I would think. Actually calling you absolutely disgusting does not come close to how I feel about you and your obsessive and I believe dangerous obsession with Meghan – surely to God she is not the first woman nor was she the last that did NOT want anything at all to do with you – get over yourself, because the rest of the world sure as hell has..

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