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Prince Andrew a COWARD for Victim-Blaming By Virginia Guiffre’s Dad


Prince Andrew a COWARD for Victim-Blaming By Virginia Guiffre’s DadVirginia Robert Guiffre’s father, Sky Roberts, called out Prince Andrew and labeled him “a coward” for “victim-blaming” his daughter

Virginia Roberts Guiffre’s father Sky Roberts went on the offensive at Prince Andrew, calling him “a coward” when the royal filed legal papers claiming his daughter’s case should be thrown out because of the Australian/American campaigner’s “own wrongful conduct.” According to the Daily Mail, Roberts said the Duke of York was being “a coward” and expressed fear that it would lead to claims that the then-teenage Guiffre trafficked girls for Jeffrey Epstein.

The former Mar-A-Lago employee also said that he doesn’t believe that the disgraced prince will be doing any time for his crimes. This news comes shortly before Guiffre’s attorneys are set to question the prince in London later this year.

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Andrew Has Repeatedly Denied Any Wrongdoing

Guiffre’s attorney, David Boies, suggested that the prince would find being questioned under oath to be ‘a little uncomfortable,’ but didn’t rule out the possibility of a financial deal in the case. In her lawsuit, Guiffre claims that she was trafficked by Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell and forced to have sex with the Duke of York on three different occasions when she was just 17.

For his part, the royal issued 41 denials in the previous week denying each and every allegation of wrongdoing and has repeatedly stated that he “lacks sufficient information to admit or deny” the claims.

Prince Andrew a COWARD for Victim-Blaming By Virginia Guiffre’s Dad

Sky Robert’s Fears Prince Andrew Will Not Pay For his Crimes

The 65-year-old retired maintenance manager for Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago hotel in Florida, told the Mirror “It’s the coward’s way out to try to blame the victim,” adding that, “It’s ridiculous for him to say that Virginia’s hands are unclean, or she has skeletons in her closet, or whatever.”

The distraught father went on to explain that his daughter was hitting the prince in his pocketbook because there was no other way that she could make the defrocked royal pay for what they say he did. “How else are you going to hurt him? You’re going ‘to send him to jail? No. He will be protected; he will never see a jail.”

Roberts did mention, however, that he was happy to see the Queen cut ties with her son and strip him of his royal duties and military titles amid the controversy. Guiffre’s attorney is preparing to fly to London later this year in order to depose the prince.

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