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Prince Andrew Could Do A Tell-all To Worm His Way Back Into People’s Graces


Prince Andrew Could Do A Tell-all To Worm His Way Back Into People's Graces

According to a source, he-who-we-would-rather-not-name is yet to completely give up hope about making a comeback as a working royal, or at the very least a comeback into public life. This could be greatly influenced by the recent events that will likely see him packing his things from his lush Royal Lodge for Frogmore Cottage and the fact that he didn’t inherit anything from his mother, Queen Elizabeth.

Prince Andrew Does Not Have Anything to Lose and Could Make Desperate Bid To Earn Money

At this point, the 63-year-old is no longer looking forward to expensive watches, cars, and ski resort homes, instead, he’s submitting his bills to his elder brother King Charles. After losing his security and access to public funding as a member of the British Royal Family, he’s pretty much disappeared from public life following the sex assault scandal.

After settling for a huge amount of money last year, rumors spurred earlier this year that he means to head to court and battle it out with Virginia Giuffre, but soon died away. However, his next alleged antic might mimic his California-based nephew, and would certainly shock more than a few people, not withholding his family members.

A source told The Mirror: “Nothing is off the table. Andrew has been made to give up his job and now potentially his home. He feels there is little else to lose when he has already paid an awfully high price.”

Prince Andrew Could Do A Tell-all To Worm His Way Back Into People's Graces

This is coming after it was reported that King Charles is refusing to foot Andrew’s expensive medical expenses that involved hiring an Indian guru who uses holistic therapy at the cost of £32,000.

A source told The Sun: “The treatment, it must be said, is very expensive. While the Queen was always happy to indulge her son over the years, Charles is far less inclined to fund such indulgences particularly in an era of a cost-of-living crisis.”

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