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Prince Andrew in Exile as Senior Royals Avoid Public Interaction with Him


Prince Andrew in Exile as Senior Royals Avoid Public Interaction with HimIn early February, news began to emerge that the Duke of York, who was stripped of his military titles in January, has opted to settle his accuser Virginia Giuffre out of court. After shelling out millions of dollars to have Giuffre drop the lawsuit, he’s kept a low profile ever since.

However, he returned to the spotlight in a remarkable way on Tuesday when he escorted his mother, the Queen, to Westminster Abbey for Prince Philip’s iconic funeral.

The Duke of York Drove Straight Home after Being “Shunned” by Royals

Prince Andrew, 62, reportedly drove straight back to Westminster with his mother after the service since the other royals had little interactions with him.

The Queen undoubtedly made the move to show the world that Prince Andrew, who has been referred to as her “favorite” son, is still part of the family and has every right to celebrate his father’s legacy as the rest of her children. However, senior royals avoided meeting his gaze and offered “no signs of support or encouragement”.

Body language expert Judi James explained to FEMAIL: “Andrew did not get the same sort of welcome [as the Queen gave him] from the other royals.

“Only his mother threw him anything bordering on a “welcome back” smile and, rather than throw him subtle tie-signs of support or encouragement, most of the royals seemed to attempt to act as though they hadn’t even seen him.

“Taking his place next to Edward he cut an isolated but defiant-looking figure, but there were no glances or even nods of greeting and no discernible eye contact.”

Prince Andrew in Exile as Senior Royals Avoid Public Interaction with Him

She explained that several members of the royal family acted as if they weren’t aware of his presence.

“Edward and Sophie are often used as the buffers of the royal firm, famously chatting animatedly to avoid the frost between William and Harry on their last public outing, but there were no signs of warmth or connection between these brothers until the singing of the hymn.

“Andrew turned his head to speak to Edward and Sophie and they replied with the coolest of responses.”

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  1. BJ Metz says

    Prince Charles does not warrant shunning Prince Andrew after the way he treated Diana with his now wife, stating that “he needed to be serviced twice a week”! Prince Andrew was not married when he was accused, so maybe the “would-be king” better rethink his actions toward his brother!

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