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Prince Andrew Makes Demands for Managing Role at Balmoral, King Charles Says ‘No Chance’


Prince Andrew Makes Demands for Managing Role at Balmoral, King Charles Says ‘No Chance’

Royal Family news reveals that Prince Andrew is demanding a “top role managing Royal estates including Balmoral,” and King Charles has reportedly told him “no chance.” Continue reading and we’ll spill the Earl Grey.

Royal Family News: Where Will Prince Andrew Go Now?

Royal Family news reveals that, according to LBC, King Charles has ordered the Duke of York to vacate his Royal Lodge at Windsor because of planned budget cuts. There have been suggestions that the King would give Frogmore Cottage to the prince after he evicted Prince Harry and Meghan Markle from there recently (via The Independent).

However, LBC reports that Andrew, 63, has offered to run some of the Royal Family’s most eminent estates instead. These demands come as Andrew works to rehabilitate his image as a royal and take more responsibility within The Firm.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Must Go!

A royal insider told The Mirror on Friday that the Duke of York “is insisting on having a job despite being made to stand down from his duties and now he’s being kicked out of his home.” However, Charles informed his younger brother that “there is no chance of that happening,’ the source said.

Notably, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have not lived in Frogmore Cottage since stepping down as working royals and moving to Southern California. A spokesperson for the Sussexes confirmed their eviction on Wednesday evening, saying, “We can confirm The Duke and Duchess of Sussex have been requested to vacate their residence at Frogmore Cottage.”

Also notable is that Buckingham Palace issues an eviction notice to the duke and duchess just 24 hours after the release of Prince Harry’s explosive memoir, Spare, in which he spilled the tea on plenty of internal conflicts within the Royal Family.

Prince Andrew Makes Demands for Managing Role at Balmoral, King Charles Says ‘No Chance’

A Clear Dividing Line

King Charles’ plans are reportedly understood to have the support of working royals including Queen Consort Camilla and Prince William and Kate. On the other hand, Prince Harry, Meghan Markle, and other non-working royals are thought to be “appalled” by the King’s decision.

An insider reportedly told the Sun, “There is now a clear dividing line between the working members of the Royal Family and the non-working members like the Yorks and Sussexes.” Prince Andrew is, however, resisting the eviction from his Windsor Estate and is demanding he is compensated for the cost of renovations he had done there.

Protest as they might, however, it seems the King isn’t hearing it and the evictions will be carried out in spite of the grumbling. Be sure and stay up to speed on this and other royally related stories. Return here often for more Royal Family news and updates.

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