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Prince Andrew Reportedly Wants To THROW Out NYC Assault Case


Prince Andrew Reportedly Wants To THROW Out NYC Assault CaseExperts are warning members of the royal family to refrain from “taking a backseat” to Prince Andrew’s assault lawsuit or it could damage the very fabric of the firm.

Royal Correspondent Pens a Piece Issuing Warning to Queen Ahead of Prince Andrew’s Appearance in Court

The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee is set to be one of the core moments of 2022 and millions of people are happily anticipating the event, which will see a four-day nationwide bank holiday.

But, reports are stating that Prince Andrew’s assault lawsuit will occur in late 2022 and experts are afraid that it could take away the spotlight from the Queen’s massive jubilee celebrations.

In a new piece for Express U.K., royal correspondent Richard Palmer explained that the Duke’s attempts to discredit Giuffre’s NYC lawsuit is futile. “Legal experts doubt that the Duke will win his attempts to either stop the case or keep the witness statements secret and, if as expected the trial goes ahead, it is likely that Andrew will be tested on the evidence he gives.”

Palmer also stressed the possibility of the ongoing lawsuit casting a huge “shadow over the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee in 2022.”

And not just that, eyebrows are being raised as to why Prince Andrew isn’t fully stripped of his royal titles and roles, with Palmer saying that it “has also prompted questions about why the 95-year-old monarch has not removed her beleaguered son from official positions, such as his role as Colonel of the Grenadier Guards, which remain on hold.”

Even “Prince Charles is said to believe his brother Andrew can have no future as a working member of the Royal Family representing the monarch and many other courtiers do not believe there is any prospect of the Duke of York ever clearing his name in the court of public opinion.”

Prince Andrew Reportedly Wants To THROW Out NYC Assault Case

Richard Palmer Blasts Andrew’s Worries that Lawsuit May “Damage” Monarchy

Mr. Palmer also clapped back at reports claiming Andrew told his friends that “he wants to protect the monarchy by having the case thrown out of court.”

The report came after Prince Andrew and his legal team recently attempted to have the court “throw out” Virginia Roberts Giuffre’s lawsuit on the basis that she’s not a U.S. resident.

However, Palmer is not buying the claim that Andrew wants to disqualify the court case simply to protect his mother. In Palmer’s opinion, “he should have thought about that before he became friends with Jeffrey Epstein. I don’t think there is any way back for him.”

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