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Prince Andrew’s ‘Ill-advised’ Associations is Causing Enormous Pain to Queen


Prince Andrew's 'Ill-advised' Associations is Causing Enormous Pain to QueenThis year is supposed to be a year of celebrations. I mean, it’s Queen Elizabeth’s 70th year on the throne, and wow that is no small feat.

But like last year, this year isn’t looking all that brighter, especially with her third child Andrew facing a sexual assault lawsuit in the U.S. The lawsuit will not only cost the Prince millions, if he loses, he’s going to live with the humiliation of that for the rest of his life.

He’s already lost his military titles and patronages, and the chances of him returning to his royal duties are looking very slim at the moment. Heck, he might even disappear from public life completely, especially since he has deleted all his official social media accounts.

Right now, unless the court declares him guilty of rape, he’s only guilty of associating with two convicted sex offenders. This is what an Armed Forces Minister thinks of his “ill-advised associations”.

James Heappey Slams Duke of York for His Bad Connections

Armed Forces Minister James Heappey slammed the Duke of York, 61, in an unusual move commenting on royal family affairs.

He told LBC: “My personal reflection is his associations are horrifically ill-advised and he has caused enormous challenges for the royal family in the year when we should be celebrating the extraordinary service of Her Majesty the Queen as she reaches her Platinum Jubilee.

Prince Andrew's 'Ill-advised' Associations is Causing Enormous Pain to Queen

“But I’m also a minister of the crown and it would be inappropriate for me to give any further comment that might risk being too colourful.”

His comments are coming just a few days after Her Majesty announced that Andrew has lost his military titles and patronages and would be defending himself as a private citizen in court.

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