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Prince Andrew’s Obsession with Redheads Explained


Prince Andrew's Obsession with Redheads ExplainedA lot of resurfaced topics regarding Andrew’s brazen nature are painting a very “play-boy like” picture of the ex-Colonial of the Grenadier Guards.

Most of the stories now told about him are either too weird to believe (and I’m talking about the “sleeping with the puppets”) or too much to argue.

Now, the latest resurfaced revelation from a close friend of the Duke tells us that he has probably slept with more than one thousand women, and that he keeps a wish list of women he dreams of sleeping with. Creepy ay?

Glamorous U.S. Model Claims She Was On Andrew’s Wish List

In Ian Halperin’s 2020 book “Sex, Lies And Dirty Money By The World’s Powerful Elite”, the author claimed that the only reason Andrew and Epstein’s friendship existed was because the latter provided the prince with as many girls as he wished.

“He had an obsession with redheads, and Epstein would have his scouts combing the streets for the most beautiful redheads before they met,” he said.

In the book, Ian quoted a woman who said that Andrew “rocked my world in the bedroom,” adding that he was a “very daring lover” with “no limits”.

Speaking of a wish list filled with names of redheads, U.S. swimwear model and actress Angie Everhart, who has ginger hair, claimed that her name made it into Andrew’s wish list.

Angie first met Andrew in 2003 and was romantically linked to him, but played coy about the nature of their relationship during an interview.

The pair reportedly met through her father-in-law George Hamilton, who asked her whether she wanted to go to dinner with the Prince while he remained in Los Angeles.

She said George told her: “He likes redheads and he has a wish list of girls he’d like to meet while he’s in town – and you’re on it.”

Angie, who also dated Sly Stallone and Kevin Costner, described Andrew as “one of my favorite people in the world. I truly love him”.

Prince Andrew's Obsession with Redheads Explained

Why Was the Duke of York Known as “Randy Andy”?

In 2019, a friend alleged to The Sun Online that Andrew had slept with more than 1000 women, but insisted he didn’t sleep with teenagers.

The long-term pal was quoted as saying that the Duke “was known as Randy Andy for a reason when he was younger and it’s never really stopped.

“Traveling all over the world as the UK trade ambassador and for other royal duties has given him access to some beautiful women and he’s taken full advantage.

“He is a red-blooded male and, if you like, he is like a sailor with a girl in every port.”

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