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Prince Charles and William United to Keep Andrew from Participating in the Jubilee Celebrations


Prince Charles and William United to Keep Andrew from Participating in the Jubilee CelebrationsAfter the controversies caused by Andrew’s surprise appearance at Prince Philip’s memorial service, there have been reports revealing that the 62-year-old Prince aims to showcase himself spectacularly during the Platinum Jubilee.

After months of keeping out of the spotlight, his unexpected return to the public eye has truly ruffled some feathers, with some predicting that, knowing Andrew, he would use his appearance at the memorial to springboard into public life once again. Per a report by the Daily Mail, the Duke of York, who stubbornly styled himself as “HRH” after being warned not to do so by the Palace, will be escorting his aged mother to Derby for the Jubilee celebrations.

However, this reportedly won’t be happening if Prince Charles and William have their way.

There Is “No Way” Prince Charles And William Will Allow Disgraced Andrew to Be Involved In the Royal Family’s Future Events

Following his controversial appearance at his father’s funeral, Andrew, who had previously deleted his official social media accounts, shared a post recounting his experience during the Falklands war through his ex’s Instagram account. The backlash the post received made him delete it. He’s remained silent since the escapade, which was said to blindside Palace aides.

Royal commentator Richard Fitzwilliams is convinced that there is “no way” Charles and William will idly watch and allow Andrew to take part in the once-in-a-generation celebrations.

He told the Mirror: “In terms of royal events, I don’t expect we will see Prince Andrew appear in the near future – if ever again.

“He won’t play any kind of a role in the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee, of that I think we can be quite sure.

“Prince Charles and William will be totally apposed to it, it’s a non-starter.”

Prince Charles and William United to Keep Andrew from Participating in the Jubilee Celebrations

Prince Andrew’s Prominent Role at Prince Philip’s Memorial Overshadowed the Late Consort’s Big Day

After Andrew’s surprise appearance at Westminster Abbey where he escorted the Queen, several royal experts weighed in.

Vanity Fair’s royal editor Katie Nichols said the Queen “deliberately chose to have Andrew play such a prominent role” to show the public “she still makes decisions”.

“This was the Queen’s way of showing two things; one, that the buck stops with her, and she makes the decisions, and secondly that she believes he’s innocent. She made the point very, very clearly.

“But Charles and William were very aware of the perspective, of the optics of this. Unfortunately, this picture [of Prince Andrew escorting the Queen] has overtaken what should have been a memorial to a great man.”

At present, the Duke of York is embroiled in another scandal.

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