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Prince Charles Bonds With ‘Cheeky Grandson’ Prince Louis: How Prince Harry Helped!


Prince Charles Bonds With ‘Cheeky Grandson’ Prince Louis: How Prince Harry Helped!But one of the sweetest came as a delightful surprise. Prince Charles revealed his precious bond with his cheeky little grandson, Prince Louis!

Learn all about the special relationship that Charles and Louis enjoy. And discover how Prince Harry played a role in that bond. Get the latest news about Prince Charles and his little grandson below.

Prince Charles Adores His ‘Cheeky Grandson’ Prince Louis!

The Platinum Jubilee delighted viewers around the world. And one special attraction came from a very young royal family member. As fans watched, Prince Louis indulged in antics. For example, he made faces at his patient mother Kate Middleton. And he even pulled the hair of his cousins. 

But through it all, Louis’ grandfather Prince Charles just kept smiling. And ever since Louis arrived in the world, Charles bonded with his grandchild, noted New Idea. “Charles adores his cheeky little grandson,” pointed out an insider.

Although Charles serves as grandparents to five little ones, he holds a soft spot for Louis. And for several reasons, according to the source. “No one makes Charles laugh like Louis, with his bombastic ways and bursts of energy. Equally, no one can calm Louis down like ‘Grandpa Wales’ can. They have a special bond,” added the insider.

How Prince Harry Influenced Charles’ And Louis’ Bond

During the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee events, four-year-old Louis captivated watchers with his antics. For instance, the naughty little boy blew raspberries at his mother Kate and covered her face with his hands. However, Louis’ cousin Mike Tindall linked the youngster’s behavior to eating too much sugar rather than bad manners.

But regardless of the cause, no one could seem to calm Louis. And then the cameras filmed the little prince pleading to go and sit with his grandfather. “Go and sit with Pa?” Louis asked his father Prince William. After William agreed, Louis ran past his sister Princess Charlotte and brother Prince George. And the little prince happily hopped on his grandfather’s lap.

Prince Charles Bonds With ‘Cheeky Grandson’ Prince Louis: How Prince Harry Helped!

“Kate was amazed [that Prince Louis] settled right down and watched the show happily,” revealed an insider. “Charles was pretty tickled by that as he loves Louis.” And in some ways, Charles’ son Prince Harry influenced that bond.

Prince Charles has experienced “lots of practice wrangling cheeky little boys thanks to Prince Harry, who was similarly naughty when he was 4 years old,” added the source. “Charles often remarks that George is like seeing William as a child all over again, and Louis is Harry. Having Louis around has been just the tonic for Charles, who’s devastated at how it’s all gone wrong with Harry, but there’s a sense he’s getting another chance with his grandson.”

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