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Prince Charles’ Estate Pledges Net Zero Target by Early 2030s


Prince Charles’ Estate Pledges Net Zero Target by Ealry 2030sWhen it comes to environmental preservation, no one is more willing to get his hands dirty than Prince Charles, literally. From organic farming to wildlife preservation and even urging countries and organizations to work together to achieve the common goal of a cleaner and greener future, the Duke of Cornwall is invested in pushing forward the importance of preserving the natural environment.

This time, he’s out to set an example.

What’s Outlined in the Duchy of Cornwall’s Net Zero Carbon Report

On Wednesday, Prince Charles’ estate published a report detailing how they will go about meeting the goal of net zero carbon by early 2030s, and for the most part, focus is on working with the Duchy’s farm tenants to achieve the goal.

It was reported that farming alone contributes to 60% of Duchy supply chain (scope 3) greenhouse gas emissions.

The Duchy of Cornwall – the Prince of Wales’ landed estate – has seen a 76% decrease in greenhouse gas emissions since 1990, and its direct carbon emissions (Scope 1 and 2) have been net zero since 2006, the report showed.

His Royal Highness Prince Charles, writing in the foreword, clarified that the report is meant to shine a light on the significance of emissions arising from land use.

He said: “Yet land has, perhaps uniquely, huge potential for helping to solve this crisis. This plan, therefore, entreats all tenants and partners to work with us to achieve this common goal, so that we really can deliver sustainable stewardship, for communities, enterprise and nature.”

Prince Charles’ Estate Pledges Net Zero Target by Ealry 2030s

The Prince of Wales’ “Response to the Climate Crisis” Highlighted in New Report

Prince Charles is leading the way to a more sustainable land management means.

David Cope, head of sustainability for the Duchy, said: “Our response to the climate crisis, as set out in this report, is to first acknowledge that greenhouse gas emissions from the Duchy, our tenants and our suppliers have contributed to global heating.

“And then secondly, we commit to decisive action, to work with tenants and suppliers to move to net zero rapidly, so halting our contribution to the climate crisis.

“Our plans will see greenhouse gas emission reductions across all the Duchy’s property assets, and we will increase the sequestration of carbon dioxide on Duchy property through promoting nature-based solutions as part of our natural capital enhancement projects.”

The actionable steps include a transition plan for each farm tenant, along with a farming engagement toolkit with a range of supporting tools for farmers.

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