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Prince George Gets Royally Cheeky In Revealing Rugby Plans To Tackle Mom Kate Middleton [Video]!


Prince George Gets Royally Cheeky In Revealing Rugby Plans To Tackle Mom Kate Middleton [Video]!Prince George, at 8, may not yet know that as the oldest child of Kate Middleton and Prince William, he could one day become King of England. But the royal youngster, quietly coached by the Duchess of Cambridge, does know that rugby rules! As a result, George recently delighted in learning how to become a pro himself. 

Find out what the cheeky young prince just shared about his unusual approach to rugby. And see whether his brother Prince Louis, age 3, or sister Princess Charlotte, 6, might join in that delightful game! Plus: Do the Duke of Cambridge and Duchess of Cambridge cheer on the same team? Find out the answers plus see a video below.

Prince George: ‘Guess Who I Want To Tackle In Rugby!’

Kate Middleton and Prince William recently took a very special guest to a rugby game. And the tiny but mighty person may have felt more excited than anyone in the stadium. Standing by his parents’ side, Prince George went with the Duchess of Cambridge and Duke of Cambridge to the England versus Wales Six Nations game at Twickenham Stadium, reported the Daily Mail.  But the little prince proved to be quite the diplomat in one area.

Prince William, 39, and Kate, 40, actually have become rivals in terms of which team they want to win. As a result, the Duchess of Cambridge showed no shame in competing with her royal husband. But that did leave their son Prince George with a decision. Would the 8-year-old side with his mother or his father?

“It’s a big game,” pointed out William. And the Duke of Cambridge shared his excitement. “It’s just so good to be back, it’s been quite weird watching games, and football, without the fans,” he added. But then his son got asked if he will support his mother’s team or his father’s side. And wisely, Prince George just smiled.

But William joked about the rivalry between husband and wife. “It’s become quite the thing in the house,” admitted the Duke. “[Kate] is quite into it, I’m trying to stay out of it.” But then George piped up about his own rugby ambitions. When his mother shared that her son owns a full rugby outfit, the little boy shared his real goal. “But I haven’t tackled you yet!” he responded cheekily. 

Prince George Gets Royally Cheeky In Revealing Rugby Plans To Tackle Mom Kate Middleton [Video]!

Kate Middleton Reveals Prince Louis And Prince Charlotte’s Rugby Future

But Prince George does face competition when he wants to play rugby at home. His little brother, Prince Louis, also has grown up wanting to score on the playing field. And Kate Middleton even revealed that Louis has already chosen a special niche. Louis takes his rugby referee whistle to nursery school, reported People.

And the princes’ sister, Princess Charlotte, has become quite the athlete as well. Prince George and Princess Charlotte enjoy practicing kicking a ball around the royal grounds. With their younger brother Louis blowing his tiny referee whistle, it seems that the palace might have a future rugby team in place!

Tell us what you think. Do you believe that Prince George secretly would prefer to become a rugby pro rather than King of England? And after you’ve shared your views, check back on our site for more royal family news. Plus: Check out the video to see the royal youngster with the Duchess of Cambridge and Duke of Cambridge below! 

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