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Prince Harry and Prince William Feud Hurts This Innocent Royal Child!


Prince Harry and Prince William Feud Hurts This Innocent Royal Child!Royal family watchers claim that Meghan Markle, Prince Harry, Kate Middleton, and Prince William continue to feud. But now a new report claims that someone else has gotten wounded by the feud. And sadly, that individual doesn’t have the power to change the situation Find out more below!

Meghan Markle, Harry, William, Kate Feud Shows NO Signs Of Stopping!

Will the feud involving Kate Middleton, Princes William and Harry, and Meghan Markle ever get replaced by friendship?

If we owned a Magic 8-Ball, we predict that the gadget would show “Don’t count on it.” And that’s because potential bombshells rather than options for a feud resolution lie ahead.

For instance, experts believe that Prince Harry’s upcoming memoir will attack the royal family even more than his Oprah Winfrey interview!

Add in the continuing interviews from both Meghan and her royal husband, and more hurt rather than happiness may occur among the quartet.

Who Just Got Hurt By The Quartet’s Feud?

But now that same feud has hurt someone who has no ability to control or even understand what’s involved. And that innocent just happens to be a child, according to royal family expert Neil Sean per the Express.

Quoting an insider, Sean shared that Prince George continues to rank on the top of the biggest fans of Prince Harry!

And while this royal family expert admitted to not knowing all the facts, he did cite the continuing feud between the royal brothers as a factor.

But at 8 years old, little Prince George doesn’t understand the situation. As a result of his age and lack of understanding, Prince George feels “at a loss” without his uncle, added Sean.

Prince Harry and Prince William Feud Hurts This Innocent Royal Child!

How The Feud Changed Life For 8 Year Old Prince George

The feud among Prince William, Prince Harry, Meghan Markle, and Kate Middleton reportedly only has impacted little George out of Kate’s and William’s three children.

But that’s understandable, because Prince George ranks as their oldest child. His brother Prince Louis is only 3, while his sister Princess Charlotte recently turned 6. In contrast, Prince George spent time with Harry prior to the feud.

“According to a very good source, there is one member of the British Royal Family that truly does miss Prince Harry. The person is none other than the budding Prince George,” summed up Sean.

And the royal family expert thinks the hurt that George feels stems partly from “how close Prince George and Prince William are. I think that endeared a lot of people to the British monarchy.”

As a result of that closeness with his father, George may feel the loss that his dad suffered from feuding with Harry.

Sean’s source shared that “Prince Harry and Prince George used to be very close.” But then the feud changed everything.

And George doesn’t understand. He knows only that his parents reportedly won’t allow him to “contact with Prince Harry,” added Sean.

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  1. Robyn says

    It’s really to bad but the children are the ones who pay the prices!

  2. Phyllis Deckert says

    Not just no but hell no! No contact!!! Explain it to him when he is older. Just like they had to explain about the Duke of Windsor to Princess Elizabeth.

  3. Bazhia says

    Truly hope the brothers can put aside differences.

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