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Prince Harry Interviews Olympian Chloe Kim on Mental Health Issue in New Film


Prince Harry Interviews Olympian Chloe Kim on Mental Health Issue in New FilmAccording to PEOPLE Magazine, Prince Harry is expanding his horizons once again, this time, as an interviewer. The Duke of Sussex, who is no stranger to being interviewed, is taking another step and filling the role of the interviewer for Snowboarding Champion and Olympian Chloe Kim. Continue reading and we’ll discuss the role of mental health in Chloe Kim’s new film, Transform with Mental Fitness, hosted by the human transformation company BetterUp, per TODAY.

‘We All Have Greatness Within Us’

In the short film from the coaching and mental health company, BetterUp, where the duke serves as Chief Impact Officer, Harry sits down to interview three people. These include snowboarder and two-time Olympic gold medalist Chloe Kim, about the importance of mental fitness.

“We all have greatness within us,” Prince Harry begins, “Mental fitness helps us unlock it. It’s an ongoing practice, one where you approach your mind as something to flex, not fix.” Next, the 37-year-old prince asks Kim, who he calls “Queen of Snowboarding,” how she would describe the relationship between mind and body when it comes to operating at peak performance.

Kim Explains Why Mental Health is Key

The 22-year-old Olympian responded, saying, “It would be unrealistic for me to expect to go out there and land an amazing run, learn a new trick if I wasn’t feeling good mentally,” adding, “I can’t expect myself to perform at my peak when I’m doubting myself and I’m feeling negative emotions.”

“If I’m not feeling good mentally, then it will jeopardize my physical health and they go hand in hand,” Kim continues. “And, so, for the past couple of years, I’ve just been prioritizing that, listening to my body and I’m in such a better place.”

Prince Harry Interviews Olympian Chloe Kim on Mental Health Issue in New Film

‘Resilience is Absolutely Critical’

Kim gave props to her coach for helping her through the tough times. Also worth noting, the prince opened up in the clip about his own experiences “of trauma, of loss, of grief” and he highlighted how critical it was to recover from it, reports Independent UK.

“Throughout the years of traveling around the world, what I saw was the similarities of experiences of trauma, of loss, of grief, of being human,” said the duke, adding, “Building up a resilience is absolutely critical.”

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